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School of Logic Athletics

School of Logic Athletics


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Football (11-man)

 7th-8th Boys

5/6 Volleyball

5th & 6th Girls

7/8 Volleyball

7th & 8th Girls


7th & 8th Girls

5/6 Boys Basketball

5th & 6th Boys 

5/6 Girls Basketball

5th & 6th Girls

7/8 Boys Basketball

7th & 8th Boys

7/8 Girls Basketball

7th & 8th Girls 


7th & 8th Girls



6th-8th Girls


5th-8th Coed


6th-8th Boys


5th-8th Coed


At the School of Logic level, Veritas is a member of the Capital Area Private and Parochial Schools League (CAPPS).  All team and individual sports compete in district-area competitions.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
SL FB Game @ Brentwood
September 20, 2018 |05:00 PM -
5/6 Black @ St Theresa's
September 26, 2018 |04:30 PM -
SL FB Game @ Trinity
September 27, 2018 |05:30 PM -

Team Pages

Contact Information           
Jonathan Hatfield
Juli Gilbert
Assistant to the Athletics Director

Athletics Forms