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Carpe Futurum

Construction of our permanent home is moving ahead, and we are grateful that so many in our community were able to help us memorialize and commemorate the pouring of the SL/R foundation by signing the foundation over Mother's Day weekend. We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the summer!

What's Next Since We've Reached the Initial Milestone?

The $4M milestone met through our Carpe Futurum campaign represents the equity contribution requested by our lenders to close on financing for construction on Phase I of our campus development. Since achieving this milestone, our financing has closed and site work construction has begun. With a one-year build time projected by our contractors, our upper schools will begin the 2017-2018 school year on the Austin Oaks Church campus, while our Grammar School students will be the first ones to occupy our new home.

What Does All of this Mean for the 2017-2018 School Year?

It means the Grammar School (GS) will be on our permanent campus in the GS Village the entire 2017-2018 school year, and the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric (SL/R) will join them during that school year! With an estimated build time of just over 12 months for the SL/R Academic Building, we are targeting a December 2017/January 2018 move-in (barring abnormal delays). Until then, the upper schools will remain at Austin Oaks Church for the fall term. Although we recognize that housing the school on more than one site is not ideal, we are thankful that this arrangement is a temporary necessity as we transition to our permanent campus. Rest assured that the school is taking every step we can to have our future campus ready for occupancy as early as possible, while being sure that our desire for a quick construction period will not sacrifice the craftsmanship and planning necessary to have campus buildings that will stand the test of time. Please pray for a smooth and quick construction process.

Is Our Overall Goal still $6M?

Yes, since the development of our permanent campus is scheduled to be completed in phases, $4M was the fundraising needed to begin the Phase I building process, while additional fundraising is necessary to begin Phase 2 (the community center/gym!). A task force is currently studying the feasibility of various alternatives for accelerating the construction of a gym, but each alternative will require additional equity. As details regarding the timing and cost of Phase 2 are determined, we will update the community. 

Phase I
Site Work/Infrastructure
SL/R Academic Building
Grammar School Village(s)
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Payoff of Tract B Nonrecourse Note
Phase 2
Community Building/Competition and Ancillary Gyms
Athletic Fields
Phase 3
Grammar School Academic Building
Additional Athletic Fields
Field House
How Can I Give?

We ask that before you give, you and your spouse pray together about how God is speaking to you about the stewardship of the resources that He has entrusted to you. After praying and being in agreement with one another, please complete a Commitment Letter and drop it off in the Main/Grammar School Office, mail it to Veritas Academy attn: Carpe Futurum, or hand it to a member of the Campaign Team. For more ideas on ways to invest to help expand the vision and mission of Veritas, we have compiled a Ways of Giving list.  Additionally, after returning a Commitment Letter, gifts over time can be setup as recurring payments on our online giving page.

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Carpe Futurum!

Contact Information
Bill Peckman
Campaign Chairman
Michael Stockton
Campaign Vice-Chair
Robyn Veal
Campaign Vice-Chair
Jef Fowler
Head of School
Jordan Vimont
Board President
Josh Wheelock
Board Vice-President
Katie  Luevano
Advancement Director

Science Lab
Library/Study Hall
Upper Room
Academic Building Floor Plans
Master Site Plan
Campus Overview
GS Village
Our Home!