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School Memo

Summer Memo - 2018.07.06


~ School Wide News ~


Back-to-School Checklist

Don't forget to create your Back-to-School Checklist! Simply use the link below to login with your ParentsWeb credentials and access the "Check List Generator." Then create one form per student and use the list to schedule doctor's appointments, submit medical records, complete required summer programs, order uniforms, textbooks, class supplies, and much more. Trust us, this handy form has it all! (And if it doesn't, please let us know by emailing

Create a Custom

Back-to-School Checklist


Paideia Family Registration, Tuesday Keynote Tickets & Conference Schedule 

Week of Aug 6

We are eager to launch the 2018-2019 school year with the return of our New Student/Family Orientations, Paideia Conference & Camp, a special Tuesday evening Keynote Session with Dr. Stephen Meyer, and Defender Date Night -- whew! To make sure we have an accurate head count for each event, please complete the Paideia Family Registration Form and Event Brite Sign-Up for Tuesday's keynote. Then take a few minutes to look through the Session Schedule and start planning for an exciting week together!

Paideia Family


Event Brite for Tuesday

Evening Keynote

Paideia Schedule &

Session Descriptions


Grade Level Launches

Mon, Aug 13

After all of the great sessions at Paideia, parents are invited to join classroom teachers for Grade Level Launches throughout the day on Mon, Aug 13. This is a great time to sit in your students' classrooms and get to know their specific teachers as they share tips for the upcoming school year regarding class communication, tips on how to prepare materials and binders for the first day of school, an overivew of major projects and presentations, and more. Look for the launch schedule in the next Summer Memo! 

School Uniform & Lands' End Storefront Details

Lands' End is now our uniform provider, and not only are they developing our school plaid for Veritas, but they have also purchased Parker's old inventory and opened up shop in their old location at 7756 Northcross Dr -- we are grateful for the favor we've had with them! As with any new relationship though, we have hit a few bumps already and found out on Tuesday that they will not have our plaid ready for purchase in Lands' End styles until October. This is definitely disappointing, and in an effort to help families navigate back-to-school prep, our account representative and the store manager have shared the following inventory of in-stock plaid at the Lands' End Austin store:
  • Jumpers - 42 girls &17 husky
  • Skirt multi pleat - 13 junior & 8 misses
  • Bias waist skirt w/ three stitch pleat - 22 tween & 48 junior
  • Skort - 48 girls/ 15 husky/  61 jr. tall/ 21 tween
  • Men's ties - 7
They are also shipping additional inventory of our plaid from other Parker & Lands' End Distribution Centers, which should be in Austin by the end of next week:
  • Skirt contour waist - 42 sizes unknown
  • Skirt multi pleat - 23 junior

While we hope that the combined efforts of the Veritas Used Uniform Sale and Parker's remaining inventory will be enough for students to start the school year in uniform, we will keep an eye on progress throughout the summer and adjust the uniform guide if needed. Please let us know about any questions, concerns, or roadblocks you face by emailing Katie Luevano.  

2018-2019 School

Uniform Guide

Shop Lands' End

Online: 900127945

Shop Used



Construction Update -- Prayer Needed

In our construction meeting two weeks ago, we were informed that the scheduled date of substantial completion (and Certificate of Occupancy) had been pushed to around July 16; however, in our tour of the campus yesterday, we were not pleased with the progress. It appeared to us that it is unlikely that the building will be completed in the next week and a half, and though we've not yet received a revised schedule, we overheard comments indicating that late July is the new target.

Like you, we're concerned and have made it clear to our General Contractor that they must employ all means necessary to accelerate completion of the project, including supplementing the electrical crews that are still holding up the finish-out of the upper two floors. This message has been received. They've already notified the electrical subcontractor that it is out of compliance, and they've contacted their bonding company. Understanding the urgency, the subcontractor has responded with increased crews and longer hours. (In a related anecdote, in June an electrician showed up for his first day on our site, went to his car for lunch around 11:30am and returned to the building at 4pm after a nice long nap. Needless to say, that was his first and last day.)

With our Paideia Conference & Camp scheduled for Mon, Aug 6, all our focus is toward having a completely finished campus before Aug 1, especially since an event of this size cannot be rescheduled/relocated at this late date. (In fact, it wasn't even an option a few months ago when we were considering possible backup plans in a worst-case scenario. Even AOC was making plans to renovate and prepare their facilities throughout the summer for their new and expanded ministries.) Therefore, while we push our contractors to honor their obligations, we will be proceeding with our original plan to host Paideia on our new campus on Aug 6, as well as the summer Logic course and a few academic camps the week before in the GS villages where we have more control of the completion timeline. Please join our prayers that the Lord would bring this project to a quick and satisfying end!

No doubt, additional twists and turns will occur throughout July and August as we, at long last, finally take possession of and occupy this amazing property, but let's remember who we are: flexible, adaptive, pioneering spirits who resist discouragement from adverse and uncertain circumstances; instead, we remain positive, expectant, and confident in our God's faithful provision and timing--even when it appears to conflict with our plans--as we continue to work hard and diligently on whatever He puts before us.

As the time draws nearer when we all can gain access to the campus, we'll share more details about the vision and plans for it and ways for everyone to contribute their ideas, efforts, and other resources towards realizing the full potential of our new home.

Defender Dads: "Yardwork" and Happy Hour

Defender Dads have two upcoming events on Fri, Jul 13 (happy hour @ NXNW) and Fri, Jul 20 (shooting at The Range followed by happy hour)! Before then, there is also the opportunity to hang out and help with some heavy-duty "yardwork" on the new campus. If you're available next weekend, Jul 13-15 (rescheduled from this weekend due to pending rain), come out to lift trees and feed them into a 4 million horsepower chipper, make primitive caveman sounds. and get nice and dirty. If you have a chainsaw, please bring it along with gloves, jeans, and boots. For your efforts you will receive some awesome foam earplugs!

Please email John Hallam or Andy Brawley to request a waiver, which is absolutely required to participate in this project.

Start & End Times for 2018-2019 School Year

As indicated on the preliminary course schedules, the start and end times for 2018-2019 have changed and are as follows:

  • Grammar School Schole: Students enrolled in our inaugural Schole Friday Enrichment electives will begin at 8:30am and be ready for pick up at 12:30pm.
  • 8th Grade T/Th Schedule: The start times for 8th Graders on T/Th is 8:10am rather than 8:35am as it is on M/W/F. This allows us to better accommodate some of our teachers’ schedules so that we are able to have access to some talented and appreciated educators.

Preliminary Course Schedules


Six Delayed Start Times in 2018 - 2019

Please mark your calendars now for six Wednesday mornings during the school year (Sep 12, Oct 17, Nov 14, Feb 6, Mar 6, and Apr 3) on which your students will have a delayed start. These delayed starts will allow us important time with our teachers for professional development, and all faculty will meet from 7:30-9:00am, with school beginning at the times listed below for each level. All classes will end at their regular times, and classes in the SL/R will follow a modified schedule on these days, slightly reducing class time for all periods.   

GS @ 9:30am
SL @ 9:40am
SR @ 9:50am


Where is the School Office?

As we wait for our new campus to receive us later this summer, all school offices have moved into the SR Village portables behind the Christian Life Building on the AOC campus. There is still a space for the Parent Basket, form turn-in, and more, so stop on by as usual... just head to the back left (west) side of the church campus!

Release of Student Schedules for 2018-2019

Student schedules for the 2018-2019 school year will be emailed to all co-teachers and 7th-12th students on Wed, Aug 1. Students will be scheduled for courses in which they are currently enrolled, so if there are any course changes to be made, please use our handy online Add/Drop Request form as soon as possible. While we are unable to provide student schedule information until Aug 1, you can get a glimpse of the basic student schedules and start/end times HERE.

Questions? Please email our Registrar Jennifer Stewart. Thank you!

2018-2019 Add/Drop

Requests & Information


~ Grammar School News ~

ISO Playground Items

We are in the market for some temporary and age-appropriate items for our Kinder Village play space and hope you'll be able to help! Before taking any yard toys to Good Will--something we all strive to do during our summer months--please let us know if you have any items like the ideas below. If you think you have something that might work, please send a photo of the item to We will coordinate and let you know if we are able to use your item in our outdoor play space. Thank you!


~ Schools of Logic & Rhetoric News ~


Summer Skills Camps

SL/R students are invited to join us for Summer Skills Camps in July and August! All classes will take place on our new campus, and students must register beforehand since seats are limited. Please address any questions to the teacher of the course (listed on the registration page) or the Registrar.  

SL/R Summer Skills Camps

 Keyboarding Camp  Grades 5-9
 Jul 30-Aug 3 AND Aug 13-Aug 17 (two weeks!)

Students will learn correct touch keyboarding techniques, develop touch keystroking speed and accuracy, develop a working knowledge of basic word processing functions and proofreading, and learn to compose at the keyboard.  

 Grammar Camp  Grades 7-9
 Jul 30-Aug 3

Students will learn the basics of Rod and Staff Grammar including defining parts of speech and diagramming sentences. At Veritas, 7th-9th Grade English classes begin assuming solid basic sentence diagramming knowledge.

 Essay Writing Camp Grades 8 & 9
 Aug 13-Aug 17

Students will learn the basics of the Jane Schaffer Writing Method that is used for literary analysis writing in the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric. At Veritas, 8th and 9th Grade English classes begin assuming prior instruction in the Jane Schaffer Writing Method. 


Change in Tech Class for 7th Grade

After receiving feedback from parents and making observations throughout the year of our students in this class, we have decided to adjust this course slightly. With the exception of using the first couple of weeks of this class to introduce students to their new email accounts and to teach proper etiquette and use of the Veritas Academy email account and Google Drive, the remainder of the trimester course will focus on developing efficient keyboard skills. Therefore, the name of this class is changing from 7th Grade Tech to 7th Grade Keyboarding. If this change affects your interest in this course, either causing you to desire to withdraw your student from the course or encouraging you to enroll your student in it, please contact Jennifer Stewart, Registrar.

Additionally, many of you have inquired about a recommendation for a computer for 7th Graders. While in the past we have suggested that a ChromeBook was inexpensive and therefore a good consideration, we also understand that ChromeBooks prevent parents from installing any type of filters. While we would like to be able to make a suggestion for a computer, in the end, there are so many options. We suggest that you consider the needs of your family and your student in making this decision. Please know that this computer will not be used in other classes during the school day at Veritas unless your student has special accommodations that allow for the use of a computer. The computer will only be used in the first trimester Keyboarding class and at home for occasional assignments.

Fine Arts Course Additions for the 2018-2019 School Year!

SL Choir

We are excited to offer an SL Choir elective for the 2018-2019 school year! This elective will be offered all three trimesters before school, and students are welcome to sign up for one, two, or all three terms (see preliminary schedule HERE). There is no need to read music or have any previous experience, but a good attitude is necessary as we hone in on one of the primary ways human beings were given to worship and use our voices to praise and glorify our great God. If you would like to enroll your SL student in choir, please use the Add/Drop Form on the Veritas website.

School of Logic Choir (Grades 6-8)
The SL Choir is a class designed for those who enjoy singing and have a desire to use and grow this skill in a performance setting. The ability to read music is not a requirement for this class. Entrance into area competitions is possible. School performances (fine arts showcases, assemblies, etc.) will be mandatory. May combine performances with the School of Rhetoric choir at times. A minimum of ten students is needed for this elective to be held during the 2018-19 School Year. 
Parent Role:  Practice Coach
Course Prerequisites:  None

Course Length: TERM 1​ Before-school ​ (Wed/Fri, 7:30-8:30 a.m.) TERM 2 and/or 3​ (Fri only, 7:30-8:30 a.m.)

SR Ballet/Jazz

Ballet/Jazz Combo will be returning this year on Mondays duringTerm 1! This is a great way for students to earn a PE Credit or Fine Arts Credit! Prior dance experience is not needed to enjoy this class. See below for the full course description and use the online Add/Drop Form if you'd like to add this class to your SR schedule.

Ballet/Jazz Combo (Grades 9-12)


This trimester-long course introduces students to the principles of ballet and jazz dance on a beginning level. Students will learn the foundations of dance technique and fundamental steps and basic movement combinations. Ballet or jazz shoes not required, but helpful! 

Parent Role: Course Monitor
Course Prerequisites: None
Course Length: One Trimester  (TERM 1: Mondays)
Additional Elective, P.E. or Fine Arts Credit: 0.33
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