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School Memo

School Memo - 2017.11.17


~ School Wide News ~


Give & Thanks

Every holiday season, Veritas families have the opportunity to thank our teachers and staff through the Give & Thanks Fund, which, this year, will be collected through Wed, Dec 13, and given -- along with your thank you notes -- to our employess at their Christmas gathering. By collectively contributing to the fund, our gifts are combined and maximized to bless each teacher. Read HERE to learn more and contact School Board member Sharla deFrere with any questions.

1.) Give a Gift
ONLINE and School Offices
2.) Send Your Thanks
PRINT or Make a Card at Home!


See a few of the staff that make our school the best it can be!

Sibling Admisssions Applications

It is our desire to bless families by serving as many of their children as possible, and we are happy to invite Veritas siblings to get a head start on the Sibling Amissions Process for the 2018-2019 school year! To begin, please create an online application account (this is different from your ParentsWeb login) and make sure to have your applications in by the Early-Bird Sibling deadline on Tue, Jan 9. If you have any questions, please contact Emily Faust for GS admissions and Sydney Bryant for SL/R admissions. 

Campus Construction Update

At yesterday’s construction meeting, we saw that the completion schedule continues to reflect early January for the Grammar School and early April for the Upper Schools; however, we also went through a list of issues and obstacles, any one of which could delay the January opening of the GS campus by days or weeks.

Right now, we’re working to address and overcome—or at least find workarounds for—those many obstacles, but we’ve also made backup plans in case one or more of them trips us up. Late yesterday, I met with AOC’s finance and operations leaders who agreed to extend our lease of 3rd and 4th grade classrooms into the new year if necessary, and the church leadership at CLC has made the same accommodation for our PK-2nd grade classrooms. So, until the GS campus is completed and ready for occupancy, we will continue to remain in our current classrooms without interruption.
  • Water Utilities
    • After failing one, two, three, and then four bacteria contamination tests on our brand new water lines—and flushing and decontaminating the lines after each test—it was finally discovered that the problem lay within a small stretch of the utility company’s water line upstream of our property where they had stubbed out a line for the future development of a neighborhood next to us.  After providing the appropriate public notice, the water company finally shut off the water to the back of the Avaña development, including our property, yesterday so that all the lines could be drained, decontaminated, and recharged.  Soon, our lines will be rechecked and, hopefully, passed so that we can move on without further delays in getting our site properly metered.

  • Electric Utilities
    • After falling way behind on delivering power lines to the surge of developments from west Austin to the Hill Country, our electric provider, Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), advised us recently that we would be looking at a 4- to 6-week-long stay in their queue to have wires pulled through the lines we’ve had trenched and piped.  But just this morning we learned that they have scheduled us for next week, provided that we could quickly turn around some things today, which we did.  So, great news on that front!

  • City Inspections
    • Though portable building permits are issued by the state of Texas, instead of cities, at the time of manufacture, we will still need to successfully pass at least the following five layers of inspections before a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) can be obtained:
      • Water Quality
      • Environmental
      • Landscaping
      • Safety (fire dept)
      • Access (compliance with ADA)
    • Many factors will be considered, observed, and assessed by the various inspectors, and we are preparing as best we can for each.
      • For example, at the construction meeting , we were told that all site lighting (the 20+ street lights that will be installed along our driveway) will have to be operational before a TCO can be issued; but power for about a half dozen of the lights will be coming through the big transformer for the Academic building, and the meter for that will not be released until the building is 90% complete.  So, we immediately began brainstorming options, including the temporary use of generators, digging of trenches for alternate power lines, etc.  Well, this afternoon we learned two favorable things:  (1) site lighting does not appear to be a definite requirement for a TCO, and (2) PEC agreed to release the meters for all of our transformers and energize the lines as soon as the wires are pulled and some secondary panels are built instead of waiting for 90% completion of the building.  So, instead of facing what appeared to be an almost certain deal-killer yesterday, the Lord provided possibly two ways out of the dilemma today.
      • Our project has been, and continues to be, fraught with unexpected crises like these, only to be resolved time and time again by God’s blessing of ingenuity, favor, and opportune provision.  He continues to demonstrate His faithfulness to us.
  • Major Water Quality Structures
    • The major water quality structures are near completion.
    • The large, lower detention pond is finished with the protective rock walls around the big oak trees built and the hydromulching (grass seeding) for the bottom and sides of the structure scheduled for tomorrow.
    • The geomembrane liner for the smaller, upper filtration pond is scheduled for next week.
    • Most of the storm runoff diversion berms are finished and pending inspections.

  • Ribbon Curbs
    • Ribbon curbs were poured yesterday and today for most of the driveway and parking lots on the campus. View the short VIDEO to see just how fast a $300K machine can lay rebar-infused curbing.  And the picture shows how pouring beautifully curving curbs can also be accomplished by this machine! In late December, the asphalt paving will occur, followed by lane striping and signage.  We want to delay this as long as possible in order to reduce the opportunity for damage from construction equipment.

  • In or On the SL/R Academic Building
    • Interior steel framing is largely complete on the first three floors and in process on the 4th floor.
    • Sheathing (the first layer of outer wrapping on the building) is almost complete for the first 3 floors and halfway complete for the 4th floor.  (It’s the purple stuff in the photp.)  When the sheathing is finished in the next two weeks, the waterproofing layer will be applied, followed by masonry and stucco.
  • Today and tomorrow, the roof decking is being hoisted to the top of the structure via a GIANT CRANE. After the decking and A/C curbs are installed up there, the remainder of the 4th floor fireproofing will be completed.
  • Next week(?), the two huge and one small HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units will also be hoisted by crane to their permanent locations atop the roof. 

  • GS Village
    • The four GS village portables, housing grades 1-4, have been set up, connected with decks, and remodeled to include some new windows, new doors with a small window in each, and new wood laminate floors.
    • The new restroom trailer has arrived and is in place awaiting utility hookup connections and boardwalks.
    • The boardwalks connecting the upper (grades 3-4) and lower (grades 1-2) GS buildings to each other and the restroom trailer will be completed soon after the underground utilities are completely installed in the recently completed trenches and inspected.

  • Kinder Village
    • All of the utility trenching is now complete and awaiting inspection.
    • The one remaining portable coming from Ft. Worth, along with the three other Kinder Village portables temporarily sitting on site in a future parking lot, will be moved onto their permanent locations shortly after Thanksgiving and quickly remodeled and decked.  Each of these units has individual restrooms.
    • Concrete footings for the 90-foot long canopy that runs alongside the drop-off/pick-up lines next to the Kinder Village have been poured.

The next update is targeted for mid to late December.  Of course, if we learn of certain delays before then, we’ll be sure to share that information.  Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving with a grateful heart for all that God has done for you, for your family, and for the Veritas community that we’re all a part of.  Blessings! 


Substitute Teachers Needed

We are in need of more substitute teachers, especially for Grammar School Days on Mondays and Wednesdays. We love to hire our co-teachers for this position. If you are available and interested in serving in this paid role, please contact or HR Manager Sarah Magbee.

Poinsettia Orders

The Junior Class is selling beautiful red poinsettia plants for $15 each as their main fundraiser for their Class Trip to Europe in May. The poinsettias are from Down Home Ranch, a local non-profit which provides dignified living and working conditions for its residents with special needs. The residents work in the greenhouses and have a significant role in the planting and care of the plants, and we are excited to be able to assist Down Home Ranch through this fundraiser.

Would you consider purchasing one or more plants for your home and perhaps several more for your church or office? Please order online; or if you prefer to write a check or pay cash, please sign up in the SL/R office no later than Mon, Nov 27 at noon. Checks can be made out to Veritas Academy. Thank you for supporting the Class of 2019 and Down Home Ranch. Plants will be delivered to AOC on Fri, Dec 1, and you can pick them up anytime during that day in the courtyard.

Poinsettia Order Form


Picture Retakes

Mon, Dec 4 @ Both Campuses

Picture Retake Day is for all students and teachers who either missed Picture Day, were unhappy with their original pictures, or who were not in conformance with the dress code. Remember, all students must be in Chapel uniform and abide by all dress code policies (including accessories and haircuts) to have their picture taken and be published in the school's yearbook. Please mark on the original picture package the reason you were not happy with the picture so that the photographer can try to correct it with the retake.

GS Retakes

A parent will need to stop by the GS office or CLC front desk on the morning of Mon, Dec. 4 to sign-up your child. Return their entire original picture package to the GS office no later than the morning of picture retake day. We will use the sign-up list to pull students to have their pictures retaken. If you missed purchasing a picture package, you may pick up an order form and turn it in on that day.

SL/R Retakes

SL/R students may retake their picture during their lunch break between 10:40am-12:30pm in the Austin Oaks room. Students who want to participate in retakes must return their entire original picture package to the photographer at school on Dec.4  before they will be allowed to retake their picture. SL/R students who missed picture day in October may pick up an order form in the SL/R office if they wish to purchase a picture package.  


Kelly Hood's Farewell

We have been blessed by the daily presence of Kelly Hood for the past six years as she has served in a variety of roles, most recently as our Operations Director. If it were up to us, she'd be a lifer at Veritas; but God is leading her into a new season, and we desire nothing more than for her to follow Him. So please hug Kelly's neck any and everytime you see her before the Christmas break and let her know how much we love and appreciate all that she has done for our community. 

Veritas Alums Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Dear Veritas Family,

2016 alums Mitchell Elequin, JR Diehl, Nate Bridgman, and I (Benjamin Henselman) are preparing to launch a board game on Kickstarter, and we don’t want to leave you all out of the excitement! You may remember -- or have tried to forget! -- all the time we spent playing games at Veritas, and now we hope to redeem (and monetize!) all those formerly wasted hours. Together with two other friends of ours at Baylor University, we have formed a partnership, Houseplant Games, and we are launching our inaugural game this December. We have been hard at work preparing for this Kickstarter campaign, commissioning artwork, designing our website, and contacting factories to produce our board game.

Since Kickstarter relies on crowdfunding, we need you, our Veritas family, to help spread the word and support us. Our first board game, Shoudo, launches on Thu, Dec 14 -- that’s only 4 weeks away, folks! Please click on this BRIEF INFOMERCIAL to learn more about what we’ve been up to in college, our board game, and how you can support your fellow Veritasians and our new company through the Kickstarter process. Thank you all so much!

Defenders forever!

Mitchell, JR, Nate, and Benjamin

Score Big on Black Friday & Support Veritas

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to Veritas Academy. Please bookmark the Fundraising Partners & Programs link to see our list of shopping partners and support us every time you shop!

Fundraising Partners & Programs


PSIA Sign-ups - It's Not Too Late!

Students in Grades 1-8 are invited to participate in the upcoming PSIA academic meet to help defend and improve upon our 3rd place finish in the state of Texas last year. There's something for almost everyone: writing, science, maps, art, music, vocabulary, and math. Take a look at the PSIA page on our website to find an event or two you would enjoy! For more information or study materials, please contact our PSIA Coordinator, Holly Herstad. All PSIA entries will be due at the end of November, so don't delay! 


Film Opportunity

Do you want to be in the movies? Veritas parent Lisa Belcher is shooting her next film entitled Guest of Honor and is looking for extras. Check out the link below for details, and if you hit submit, please let them know that you are a Veritas family!


Great Books Club

Thu, Nov 30 @ 7:30pm  |  VV404
Please join us for the second trimester of Great Books Club. The book we are reading this coming trimester is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. The small reading assignment for the first metting, is to read the first two chapters of the book. As a reminder, the cost for each trimester is $50.
ISBN-10: 0140186395
ISBN-13: 978-0140186390

Veritas in Prayer (VIP)

Wednesdays @ 8:15am | AOC Chapel

All parents are invited to join the VIP (Veritas in Prayer) group on Wednesday mornings from 8:15-9:15am in the Prayer Chapel at AOC. As we pray for our school administrators, teachers, families, and students each week, we will also discuss and pray through our weekly Prayer Guide. Please join us if you can, and email Sherri Peckman if you have a request for prayer.

Giving Thanks


Spirit Wear

Be on the lookout for occasional pop-up shops around campus (accepting only cash and checks at this time). Additional spirit wear can be purchased in the School Library on the AOC Campus during our regular library house of 2:30-4:30pm on Mon and Wed (by check only). If you have any questions, please contact our Vault Coordinator Robin Ligon

Classical Stuff You Should Know Podcast

The podcast Classical Stuff You Should Know, now has a webpage up and running! Hosted by AJ Hanenburg, Graeme Donaldson, and Thomas Magbee, this podcast discusses topics such as literature, philosophy, history, art, the soul of man, and education, all within the framework of a classical, Christian worldview. Don't forget to suscribe on iTunes too!


~ Grammar School News ~


GS Musician of the Trimester

GS Music students have been working toward a goal this fall: Musician of the Trimester. Each day in music, students were awarded stickers for participation, respectful behavior, and musical performance and knowledge. At the end of the trimester, students who earned 30 or more stickers received a special award. The student in each grade level with the highest number of stickers was named "Musician of the Trimester" and received a special medal of honor! Congratulations to these students for their hard work! 

1st Grade

Wesley Stockton


2nd Grade

Audrey Veal

3rd Grade

Haddie Dusan


4th Grade

Collin McAfee


GS Elective Requests

If your 1st-4th Grade student is not signed up for a Term 2 after-school elective and you wish for your student(s) to participate in one, we encourage you to browse the descriptions for electives using the Course Catalog  while checking elective availability HERE. Lastly, use the online GS Elective Request form below to sign up!


How Do I Know if my Student is Enrolled in an Elective?
You can check your student's schedule on ParentsWeb > School Information > Classes > Student Name (tab). Here you will see a complete list of all courses and electives for each of your students. For any questions related to Electives or the Add/Drop process, please contact our Registrar Jennifer Stewart

~ Schools of Logic and Rhetoric News ~


SL/R Parent Teacher Conferences

SL/R Parent-Teacher Conferences will occur over the span of two weeks: Dec 4-8 (Week 1) and Dec 11-15 (Week 2). The deadline to sign-up for week 1 conferences is Dec 1. Conferences will be 15 minutes long and are to be scheduled with SL/R students' core and Foreign Language teachers. Make sure to give your student's name and class (Jane Doe/6th Math) when signing up. If you don't see a time slot that will work for your schedule, please email the teacher directly to schedule a conference for another time. For conferences with elective, leadership, or other class teachers, please email the teacher directly.

Conference Sign-Up

Prom Help

A group of senior parents needs your help. They are on the search to locate a prom venue which has become increasingly difficult since we have more students in our high school this year. If you have a connection to a great indoor venue that could host 150-200 Veritas students for prom on May 12, please contact Starlyn Aurit at 512-282-4994. Our students are in need of a great place to host prom. Thank you for your help. 

College Connections

Students in grades 10-12, please login to Naviance and register for college visits that interest you...and please remember to check back often as the list changes!
Visit the College Advising page on our website
to see more upcoming college visits!

Coach's Corner

State Playoffs First Round
Come cheer on the Defenders in their first round playoff game this Sat, Nov 18, at 3pm at TSD vs Houston's Emery/Weiner Jaguars. Per TAPPS rules for playoffs, all staff and students must pay admission to the playoff game, and family passes cannot be accepted. Adult tickets will be $7, and students $3.

SL Athletics

SR Athletics


~ Ellen’s Blog ~


This Week In Pictures

Follow us on and    to see more weekly pictures and events!