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Summer Stories

Summer Stories


Welcome to Summer Stories, a special behind-the-scenes series to highlight unique campus features, dreams for future development, and the hard work of those who are making it all come together. We have so much to look forward to and hope you enjoy our 2017 Summer Stories! 

Episode Seven: Outdoor Classrooms

Once upon a time, in the early stages of a great construction project, a group of eager gentlemen sought ways to enhance the grand building that would soon occupy the land. They dreamed of the days they spent outside with their fearless teachers studying the great classics and formulated several ways to make sure generations of students and teachers would get to experience some outdoor learning opportunities.

Episode Six: Amphitheater

Once upon a time, a talented theatre troupe was longing for something new. They had perfected their craft on an indoor stage, but they knew there must be more. Since their school was undergoing a great change, they began to wonder--and dream-- about how a new campus could bring new possibilities. One day, while wandering through a trail, their proud School Head stumbled upon an amazing outdoor amphitheater. There couldn't be a better stage for togas, Shakespeare, and Senior Thesis Presentations!

Episode Five: Faculty Reading Room

Once upon a time, there was a school that had the most amazing faculty. They were passionate, engaging, vibrant, and knowledgeable beyond compare. These nearly 100 people spent their days pouring into the lives of their students and molding them to be great men and women, all the while dreaming of a place to plan, read, and collaborate with one another. Perhaps the Faculty Reading Room will be just that... and more!

Episode Four: "Hat-Field"
Once upon a time, 25+ teams scrambled around like busy ants running from place to place. It was tiresome, and a lot of work, but the things they were achieving far outweighed the work it took. One day, the leader of these teams came upon a field where he had a great vision of a land to call their own. With competition fields and practice fields only steps outside of the door, the possibilities were endless!

Episode Three: Defender Creek
Once upon a time, tiny feet walked into Kindergarten classrooms on the very first day of school at Veritas Academy and excitedly located their cubbies and chairs. In the blink of an eye, eight of these same Kindergartners are preparing to begin their senior year at Veritas. Like all Defender alumni before them, these seniors are talented, ambitious, and loved, and they have a forever home in our hearts... and by the creek.

Episode Two: Almost 100 Acre Woods

Once upon a time, the adventures of Mrs. McWhorter led her to a discovery more magical than any before, the Almost 100 Acre Woods. With a rock garden full of many rocks to sit upon and read, Pooh Bear's Corner with a tree trunk perfect for thoughtful moments, and a bird house village with many bright homes to welcome feathered friends, this special Grammar School spot can't wait to witness the adventures of the young and young at heart alike.

Episode One: The Heritage Tree

Once upon a time, there was a land not so very far away. On this land stood the most beautiful tree. God had placed this tree there several hundred years before, and it stood reaching its limbs towards the heavens every day. The rain could not stop it, nor could the scorching sun.