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Paideia 2017

Paideia 2017


The Paideia Conference is an annual training held each summer to further the classical education of Veritas Academy's teachers and parents. The conference is free for parents of currently enrolled students at Veritas, and participation is required of families and teachers new to Veritas Academy.

For the summer of 2017, the conference will have a different look and feel, but will still provide the opportunity to equip and connect with our wonderful parent community before the 2017-2018 school year starts. So please mark your calendar with these details for the week of August 21: New Family, Student, & Faculty Orientations, Grade Level Launches, Paideia Unplugged evening sessions, and Defender Date Night.


Monday, August 21, 8:30am-3:30pm


All Parent, Student, and Faculty Orientations will be held at Austin Oaks Church


Required for all new Co-Teachers, new K-12 students, students entering grades K, 5 & 9 (new school level), and new faculty


This one-day event will serve to orient and train our newest community members, with separate orientations specific to co-teachers, students, and faculty. The SR Student Orientation will culminate with our annual House Induction Ceremony at 2:30pm, to which parents are invited. 


Since no special orientation will occur for our new PreK students, free childcare will be provided for enrolled PreK students so that their parents/co-teachers can attend orientation. Sign-up is still needed, so please complete the Child Care Registration Form.

Additionally, there will be limited availability to sign-up for childcare for siblings 7 months to 4 years old for $26.50 for the day. Please complete the Child Care Registration Form to reserve a space.


Tuesday, August 22, Staggered Sessions

Grade Level






1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd Grade


4th Grade


5th & 6th Grade



Grade Level Launches will be held at Austin Oaks Church


Required for new PreK-6th grade Co-Teachers and great for all PreK-5th grade Co-Teachers (the 5/6 session is geared more for new Lower Logic co-teachers) 


Staggered sessions will prepare Co-Teachers for a great start to the school year. We will highlight expectations, new procedures, and any adjustments we've made to the grade level. Even our most seasoned Co-Teachers should plan to attend, although we are planning to record each launch to have available prior to and throughout the school year!


While Co-Teachers attend Grade Level Launches, there will be a "Tank Gang" room for students and siblings to watch Finding Nemo, although we ask that any siblings who are not yet potty trained attend the launch with their parent.

Monday, August 21, 7pm-9pm


Presenter & Session Title

The Home of

Clint & Amber Compton

Graeme Donaldson

Brave New World: Why do we ready such a terrible book?

The Home of

Ryan & Julie Turner

AJ Hanenburg

The Discarded Image and Utopian Laziness: How our worldview prefigures our growth (and other cool medieval stuff)

Tuesday, August 22, 7pm-9pm


Presenter & Session Title

The Home of

Adam & Amber-Rose Zimel

Troy Schuknecht and

Amber Compton

Chivalry is Dead. Is Civility Dying? Living in the Age of Rudeness

The Home of

Joe & Ashley Bastone

Ellen Schuknecht

Desiring God, Desiring Good: Raising Our Kids Intentionally


All Veritas parents, faculty, and staff are invited

Paideia Unplugged

These evenings will be hosted by Veritas families and highlight some of our seasoned faculty members. Each session is promised to be spirited and interactive. Sign up HERE!


We are unable to offer evening childcare, so please grab a sitter and join us for these great opportunities!


Friday, August 25, 7pm-11pm



Heartlines Ranch

BBQ dinner, drinks, dancing, games, and more!


All Veritas parents, faculty, and staff are invited.


The evening will include a BBQ dinner, drinks, dancing, games, and a chance to mingle with new (and old) friends! Please RSVP/purchase your tickets HERE by Friday, August 18.


Grab a sitter and join us for an adult-only night!

Quick Links
Click HERE to download a general schedule of Paideia 2017.
Childcare will be available on Mon, Aug 21 for PreK students; additional seats are available for siblings 7 months to 4 years old for $26.50 for the day. 
Paideia Unplugged will be hosted by Veritas families, and sign-ups are needed since seats in each home are limited.
Defender Date Night tickets are $20/attendee and include BBQ, drinks, trivia, and dancing. Get your ticket today!