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Paideia Conference & Camp

What is the Paideia Conference & Camp?

 The Paideia Conference is an annual training held each summer to further the classical education of Veritas Academy's teachers and parents. The Conference is FREE for parents of currently enrolled students at Veritas, and participation is required of families and teachers new to Veritas Academy. All parents are strongly encouraged to attend -- particularly the co-teaching parent of returning students. Continuing education credits earned by attendees apply toward the minimum number required of all Veritas parents each year, and this is also a great way to prepare for   the upcoming school year.

The Paideia Camp is an event for all Veritas students, grades K-12. The Camp occurs on campus while parents are attending the Paideia Conference. Although Paideia Camp is FREE for all students, we still require registration during reenrollment for an accurate count and the t-shirt ordering deadline. 
 K-6 students visit stations throughout the day with our 7-12 grade students leading them in activities. Stations for 2016 included   inflatables, a live animal show, music and worship, big bingo with prizes, sports relays, live Irish Dancers and lessons and professional art lessons!

                  PAIDEIA Conference 2017 -

Stay tuned for more information about our next event!


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Contact Information
Jennifer Stewart
Paideia Coordinator & Registrar

Paideia Conference & Camp
 2017 Dates coming soon!