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We partner with Christian parents to provide their children with a classical Christian education for the lifelong pursuit of wisdom and virtue in the service of Jesus Christ for the glory of God. Our collaborative approach integrates professional instruction with parent-mentored study and discipleship to cultivate genuine faith in Christ, godly virtue, and excellence in academics and workmanship.

How is Veritas Different?



The classical method of education is a three-stage approach to instruction with the goal of producing graduates who have mastered the art of learning so that they may skillfully acquire and apply knowledge, reason critically, and articulate persuasively. Sometimes referred to as the Trivium (Latin for “three ways”), this approach consists of the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric stages, with each stage building upon its predecessor.


Education is never neutral. It is more than the mere transmission of facts; it involves the communication of life principles and values and, therefore, requires a spiritual context. Because God created, sustains and will consummate all things through His Son, Jesus Christ, we believe that facts, whether mathematical, historical, scientific, or otherwise, can only represent truth if they are taught in the context of a biblical worldview. This belief permeates our goals and objectives, teaching methods, and curriculum.


Our collaborative, University-Model® approach integrates challenging academics, student engagement, and Christ-like character development while affirming the parents’ role as the primary influence in their children’s lives by redirecting time from the school to the family. This approach employs a university-style schedule, gradually preparing and releasing students toward age-appropriate independence and organization. Professional teachers, instructing in their areas of expertise, conduct central classroom instruction and provide direction for School@Home days and assignments.

Family Ministries

The purpose of Family Ministries is to strengthen our families by effectively partnering with them.  We unite together with parents around the school’s mission and shared core values in order to equip parents in their efforts to establish homes that powerfully support mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Resource School

God has tremendously blessed Veritas Academy, and in return, it is our desire to freely give and to support other like-minded schools across the nation.  Nearly every month, Veritas connects with or hosts representatives from classical, university-model schools and start-ups from numerous states.

Discover Veritas Academy

Lower Grammar School

PreSchool & PreK

PreSchool kids laying on the floor

Grammar School

Kindergarten — Grade 4

4th grade taking class outdoors

School of Logic

Grades 5 — 8

School of Logic kids outside at recess

School of Rhetoric

Grades 9 — 12

School of Rhetoric girl wearing a wolf hat representing her student house

Portrait of a Defender

We desire to cultivate people at every level—from Grammar School to the School of Rhetoric—who:

Young man reading the Bible in chapel

Understand and believe the Gospel, trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

worshipping at a local church

Are present and active in the worship and life of the local body of Christ.

Girl holding Veritas Shines service project flowers

Find joy in the study of Scripture, prayer, and service of Jesus Christ.

SL boy reading a book on the grand staircase

Read deeply and charitably; reason truthfully, diligently, and earnestly.

Senior girl presenting her Thesis

Speak and write with clarity, wisdom, and eloquence.

boy looking at spider in web

Engage creation with wonder and respect; pursue beauty and good workmanship.

SL girl coloring with GS girl

Love Christ the King, following his command to make disciples of all the nations, teaching them to love God and one another.