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About Veritas Academy

Veritas Academy is a private, classical, Christian, University-Model® school in Austin, Texas. Veritas seeks to train hearts and minds for the glory of God through rigorous curricula, character education, competitive athletics, fine & performing arts, and an array of extra- and co-curricular activities.

Our faculty partners with parents to support them as the primary influence in their child’s life. To do so, Veritas students alternate between school days on campus and at home. As a result, all of our teaching positions are part-time. Whether as part of our faculty or staff, working at Veritas provides the opportunity to use your gifts to impact students, families, and co-workers for God’s glory. Together we seek to support our community and one another in the pursuit of Veritas’s mission.

Working at Veritas

As part of the Veritas faculty and staff, you will enter into a community of believers who love the Lord, love learning, and love children. A career at Veritas will not only challenge you to grow professionally but also in your walk with the Lord.

Join Our Team

The mission of Veritas is to minister to families by partnering with Christian parents to provide for their children a classical education founded upon a Biblical worldview so that these children may commence a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding in their purposeful and passionate service of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. As such, all of our faculty and staff must be active in a local church and wholeheartedly agree with, genuinely live by, and willingly sign our Statements on Faith, Life, and Conduct.

In addition, teachers must exhibit a mastery of the content they teach and share Veritas’s vision of a classical, Christian, University-Model® school.

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume and cover letter. We are excited to hear from you!

Teaching Opportunities Staff Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities



Part-Time Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindergarten Teacher will use valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals that positively affect student learning.  A bachelor’s degree or higher required, and 1+ years teaching experience in a similar role preferred. 


Part-Time 2nd Grade Teacher

The 2nd Grade Teacher will use valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals that positively affect student learning.  A bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in Education or a related field is required and 2+ years teaching experience or a teaching certificate is preferred. The schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30am to 3:00pm.


Part-Time 3rd Grade Teacher

The 3rd Grade Teacher will use valid teaching techniques to achieve curriculum goals that positively affect student learning.  A bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in Education or a related field is required and 2+ years teaching experience or a teaching certificate is preferred. The schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30am to 3:00pm.


Part-Time 5th Grade History Teacher

The 5th Grade History Teacher will guide students through study of ancient history focusing on the major events, figures, movements, and ideas of the ancient Israelites, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and other Middle Eastern nations.  During the fall, students focus on Old Testament history; in the spring, students concentrate on Ancient Greece and Rome. Using hands-on, interactive teaching methods, instructors emphasize time periods in which these cultures overlap. The lives of significant historical figures such as Moses, Pericles, Julius Caesar, Jesus, and the apostle Paul are emphasized. The relationship between historical events, geography, and the spread of the gospel is also emphasized. A bachelor's degree is required, preferably in a related field, and 2+ years teaching preferred.



Part-Time Middle School Creative Drama Teacher

The Creative Drama Teacher will introduce t 5th and 6th grade students to many forms of dramatic performance, including mime, prose & poetry interpretation, storytelling, short skits, reader's theatre, and improv.  A short play and/or scenes will be performed for parents at the end of the year. Classes are scheduled year long on Wednesdays and Fridays.  A bachelor's degree and experience teaching drama is required.


Part-Time Middle School Choir Teacher

The Choir Teacher will teach middle school students vocal techniques, how to develop tone and pitch, and to sight-read music while also learning the history and theory of choral music.  The course is offered to all levels of vocal performers, with our more advanced students given opportunities to mentor newer singers.  Competition and performance opportunities will be available to students, with the course culminating in a year-end showcase. A bachelor's degree and experience teaching choir is required.  

Part-Time Spanish Teacher

The Spanish I Teacher will instruct School of Rhetoric students who have little to no prior knowledge of the Spanish language in a fast-paced course. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to use the language to write, read, and engage in basic greetings and simple conversations, and will also be acquainted with the culture, including products and practices of different Spanish-speaking areas around the world, with a particular emphasis on Mexico and Central America. A bachelor's degree is required, preferably in a related field, and 2+ years teaching preferred.


Part-Time Cooking Teacher

The Cooking Teacher will introduce School of Rhetoric Students to the joy and privilege of making good food that encourages community. Students will explore the various skills needed in planning and preparation to complete a meal. In addition, students will examine what produce, meats, or grains are needed for the various meals they will make. These skills are intended to help encourage students' gifts of hospitality, a mark of Christians throughout the ages. A bachelor's degree and cooking experience is required.


Part-Time Sewing Teacher

The Sewing Teacher will instruct School of Rhetoric students with the skills needed for hand and machine stitching, so they will gain an appreciation for the construction process of making beautiful things out of fabrics, thread, and yarn. The teacher will teach students how to use a variety of machine, hand, and crochet stitches to complete a variety of projects. A bachelor's degree and sewing experience is required.


Part-Time AP Computer Science Principles Teacher

The Computer Science Teacher will introduce School of Rhetoric students to the foundations of computer science, teach students to analyze data, create technology that has a practical impact, and impart a broader understanding of how computer science impacts people and society.  Content is organized around and considers the concepts of creativity, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the Internet, and global impact. A bachelor's degree is required and 2+ years teaching preferred.


Substitute Teachers

The Substitute Teacher will oversee and conduct classes for absent teachers. Candidates interested in substitute teaching will have a love of the Lord, a love for children, strong organizational skills, effective written and verbal communication skills, and an ability to problem-solve.  A Bachelor's degree or higher is required and 1 year of relevant classroom experience is preferred. 

Staff Opportunities


Full-Time Admissions Manager

The Admissions Manager will collaborate with other areas of the Advancement Office to manage the admissions process at Veritas Academy, by establishing and maintaining strong relationships with prospective students and families from inquiry to matriculation, effectively sharing and upholding the school’s mission and vision, while helping execute a strategic marketing plan to increase understanding and awareness of the unique educational model of Veritas. The Admissions Manager will help create and update all admissions collateral ranging from print & online documents to webpages & videos in order to help support community relations and family on-boarding.


Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for supporting school operations by creating a welcoming atmosphere and assisting with administrative needs in the Academic Building Office.  Must have a welcoming personality, an ability to multitask, a working knowledge of Google Drive, great attention to detail and be a team player. 3 + years administrative experience, ideally in a Christian secondary school or college/university required, and a bachelor's degree preferred. 


Academic and College Advisor

The Academic and College Advisor, in collaboration with the Director of Academic and College Advising, works to support students and families in the Veritas School of Rhetoric in their academic path, both during their time at Veritas, and in their transition to higher education. The Academic and College advisor builds productive relationships with students, parents, colleges, and universities, and  provides the resources, guidance, and programming necessary to support each student’s unique academic path. A bachelor's degree and 3+ years experience in education, college admissions, or other related experience required.


Part-Time Learning Support Services Coordinator

The School of Logic Learning Support Services Coordinator will coordinate accommodations for School of Logic students, working closely with parents, students and teachers. The Learning Support Services Coordinator will have knowledge of learning differences and experience in working with students with learning differences, administrative skills to track testing, and communication and relational skills to connect easily with parents and teachers. A bachelor's degree in a related field and 2+ years experience preferred. 



Veritas Academy is an equal opportunity employer and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.
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If you're interested in one of our open positions or would like to be considered for future opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter via email or mail. Don't forget to mention the position you're applying for!

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I remember the first day I joined the Veritas staff and the sweet welcome I received from the community. That feeling of belonging, unity in mission, and love has only continued to grow. I could not dream of a better place to work… Veritas is home."

—Katie, Office Staff

‚ÄčIn all seriousness, Veritas might be the best thing that has ever happened to me, aside from salvation. The administration is supportive and closely adheres to a vision in which I believe. They give me freedom to teach how I like, even as they refine my methods. The faculty is interesting, lively, jocund - such that it feels as though they are constantly blasting away the cobwebs from the stodgy old cabin of academia. The students are voracious for life, and often seem to have their priorities well aligned. If you don't at least try to get a job here, you're being a dummy."

—A.J., School of Rhetoric Faculty