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The History of Veritas Academy

God brought together four families to start Veritas Academy. Within days of initially discussing this unique school model with mutual friends in early 2004, three of our founding family moms decided to meet and explore this concept further. Their first meetings were exciting and overwhelming at the same time. What did God have in mind for them, for their children, and their community? Each agreed that this model represented a noteworthy alternative to the educational choices available in Austin, but much prayer and diligent investigation was required to discover God’s will for their individual families.

In March of 2004, the moms decided to visit the pioneering University-Model® Schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The ladies were immediately impressed with the administrators of these schools and with the results they had obtained. They were also impressed and inspired by their meeting with the executive director of the National Association of University-Model Schools, Barbara Freeman, of Arlington.

Their drive back to Austin was a wonderfully exciting time as they prayed, shared, and reflected on all that they had experienced that day. In doing so, they became overwhelmed with the sense that God was asking them to do more than just seek out an educational alternative like this for their own children, but to perhaps be instrumental in starting such a school for their community! Now the challenging part … convincing their husbands!

Founding families and administrators celebrated Veritas Academy's
10th Birthday in October 2014.

The initial reactions from the men ranged from “Hmmm, interesting” to “What! … are you crazy?” But one week later—on April Fools day, no less—three wives and three husbands met together for the first time to explore just how crazy this idea was. Much talk and more prayer convinced them to move forward.

Soon thereafter, husbands and wives visited another University-Model school in the Texas Hill Country and were again amazed at the strength of this type of school. God was clearly at work in the midst of this school and directing the paths of its leaders. Parents were actively involved and students were flourishing. Now, after seeing it with their own eyes, the men in the group became as enthusiastic as the women!

During those trips and weekly meetings, they began to recognize God’s manifest blessing on their time together, bringing them closer as a group, and slowly but surely revealing His plan. By May, God had added a fourth family to the group, and a Board of Trustees was born. Together, they committed themselves to bringing a Christian school to Austin that would promote academic excellence and character development within a schedule that promoted family togetherness and spiritual growth.

Veritas Academy 2005

After a year and a half of weekly board meetings, purposeful planning, diligent training, and an abundance of passionate prayer, Veritas Academy opened its doors on the campus of Austin Oaks Church in southwest Austin in August of 2005. Offering grades K-5 in that inaugural year, 131 students arrived for the first day — over twice what was hoped for! By the next year, Veritas served 200 students from 130 families in Austin and eleven surrounding towns and has grown in each and every year of its existence.

Meet Our Leaders – Veritas Board Members & Administrators

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