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Our Leaders

Veritas School Board

The School Board is responsible for establishing policies and procedures that direct and govern the operations of Veritas Academy. Furthermore, they hire and oversee the work of their one employee, the Head of School. New members are chosen by the current Board and serve the community for a three year term. The School Board's members deeply believe in the need for Veritas Academy to help parents prepare the next generation as character-witnesses of Christ to bear witness to the world. 

Veritas Academy School Board

Veritas Academy Administration

We are always looking for people to work at Veritas who love the Lord, love learning, and love children.

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Board Committees & Bylaws

The Board performs most of its time-intensive work in and through committees. In addition to ad hoc Board committees (i.e., those formed for specific tasks and time frames), the Board has established three permanent or standing committees to focus on areas that require recurrent oversight and attention by the Board. The standing committees are Governance & Nominations, Head of School Support & Evaluation, and Finance & Audit. They meet regularly and present their reports and recommendations at monthly Board meetings.