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Grammar School Field Trip Overview

Beginning in Kindergarten, Veritas Academy offers one to two specifically crafted field trips for each grade level that are aimed at supporting the grade level's curriculum. Field trips are teacher-led, occur on a Veritas classroom day, and are required for students enrolled in the class. To prepare for a field trip, all parents and teachers must read the Grammar School Handbook (Miscellaneous Information > Field Trips and School-Sponsored Events) and complete required documentation//paperwork. Please login with your ParentsWeb credentials to access the Grammar School Student Activity Participation page and begin the field trip permission/registration process.

Schools of Logic and Rhetoric Class Trip Overview

Beginning in 5th grade, Veritas Academy offers one specifically crafted class trip for each grade level. Class trips are designed to expose students to the broad world beyond the classroom. As students grow older, trips venture farther from home and for longer periods of time. In the lower grade levels, parents are actively involved. In the upper grades, while parents occasionally act as chaperones, class trips are chaperoned largely by Veritas faculty members in order to allow students time to bond with each other and to gradually learn skills of independencce that they will need when leaving home. To prepare for class trips, all parents and students need to read their school level's handbook regarding class trips (Handbook > Miscellaneous Information > Field Trips and School-Sponsored Events) and complete required documentation//paperwork. Please see the School of Logic and School of Rhetoric Student Activity Participation pages to begin the class trip permission/registration process.

Class trips are aimed at supporting the grade level’s curriculum or developing in the student a particular group of skills. Examples include: the 6th grade weekend parent/student camp at T Bar M designed to strengthen the parent/child bond as the child progresses through the middle school years; the tour of Washington, D.C. at the end 8th grade year designed as the culmination of the study of U.S. history; the 17-day Experiencing Europe trip at the end of the Senior year (to be moved to the Junior year beginning with the Class of 2019) to expose students to many of the historical sites studied since 1st grade in a classical school.