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Add/Drop Requests and Information

2019-2020: Add/Drop Requests and Information

We understand that circumstances may arise that present the need to add or drop a course, elective or sport during the school year. As such, we have provided convenient online Add/Drop Request forms for parents to access and submit to the Registrar for approval. Families should consider both the Financial and Academic Deadlines below before any Add/Drop Request is submitted.

Each type of add or drop has specific deadlines that we must adhere to due to staffing and class section decisions that were made according to enrollment on a specific date. Please throroughly read through the Financial Policies that were included in your annual Enrollment/Reenrollment Packet before proceeding with an add/drop request. We must adhere to strict add/drop deadlines and no refunds will be issued past the deadlines listed below.

Adding a Course or Elective
The deadline for adding a year-long core course is two weeks after the first day of that course. The deadline for adding a one-term course is one week after the first day of that course. The deadline for adding Summer Logic is one day after the first day of the course.
Dropping a Course or Elective
The following deadlines mark the date when a 100% tuition refund will still be issued. After these deadlines, 0% refund will be given for any drops.  Courses may be dropped without financial penalty within the deadlines listed below. Courses in the School of Logic may not be dropped once in session without the prior approval of the Head of SL. College & Academic Advisors, as well as the Department Head and Head of SR will review all SR drops before approval is given. The online Add/Drop Request will guide the family in seeking all necessary approvals. After the deadlines listed below, no tuition will be refunded unless the drop is required by the Administration. 
July 1, 2019
All PreSchool, PreK, and 1st-4th Core Blocks
Pre-K and Kindergarten Year-long Elective Wheel 
1st-4th Grade 1st Semester After-school Electives
All year-long SL and SR Core
All SL year-long Fine Arts Courses
(Choir, Art, Beginning Band or Percussion, Music Appreciation, Speech, Theatre)
All 1st Semester SL Enrichment Courses
(5th/6th Grade Study Essentials, Drumline, Advanced Band, 7th Grade Cotillion, 8th Grade Tech)
All SR year-long and 1st Semester Electives
December 6, 2019
All 1st-4th Grade 2nd Semester After-school Electives
All 2nd Semester SL Enrichment Courses
(5th/6th Lower Logic Latin, Percussion Ensemble, 7th Grade Tech, 8th Grade Cotillion)
All SR 2nd Semester Electives 

Sports must be added or dropped by the dates listed below. Once a season starts, there will be no refund of any portion of the fees. Once the change is approved by the Registrar, the family’s FACTS account will be adjusted. There is no additional fee assessed for changing the commitment to a sport; however, the student and family will be held to account for all policies in the Athletic Handbook. 

**Reminder from the Athletic Handbook:  If a student drops a sport during the season before the last game has been played, he/she will be ineligible to play any other Veritas team sports for one full calendar year.**

Drop Deadlines for 2019-2020 SL/R Athletics:

SR Volleyball:  August 2nd (refund)     August 16th (to still play another sport)

SR Football: August 2nd (refund)    August 12th (to still play another sport)

SL Volleyball:   August 16th (refund)      August  23rd (to still play another sport)

SL Football:  August 1st (refund)        August 16th (to still play another sport)

SR Girls Soccer:  October 14th (refund)   October 30th (to still play another sport)

SR Girls & Boys Basketball:  August 15th (refund)    November 8th (to still play another sport)

SL Girls & Boys Basketball:  October 25th (refund)     November 8th (to still play another sport)

SR Boys Soccer: October 16th (refund)       October 30th (to still play another sport)

SR Swimming:  October 16th (refund)     October 30th (to still play another sport)

SL Baseball & Softball:  February 24th (refund)

SL Track: February 3rd (refund)

SL Soccer: February 24th (refund)

SR Baseball & Softball:  February 14th (refund)

SL & SR Track: February 14th (refund)

If you do not see a specific date for a sport, you may assume the deadline has not passed.


Because of possible academic penalties, School of Rhetoric students are required to consult with their college advisor prior to submitting an Add/Drop Request. The following is an excerpt from the Graduation from Veritas Document, signed by each SR student annually: 
For a course to be dropped from a student’s transcript, the course drop date must fall on or before the six (6) week mark for year-long courses or two (2) week mark for one or two-term courses.
If a student withdraws from a course after the deadline (6 weeks + one day for year-long courses; 2 weeks + one day for one or two-term courses), the official transcript will show the withdrawal as follows:
♦ For a withdrawal while passing, the transcript will reflect a “WP” and will show zero credits earned for the course with no effect on the cumulative GPA.
♦ For a withdrawal while failing, the transcript will reflect a “WF” and will show zero credits earned for the course; however, the student’s cumulative GPA will be adversely affected as the course hours are counted but zero grade points are earned for those hours.
The Course Withdrawal deadlines for the 2019-2020 school year to not incur an academic penalty are as follows:
September 3rd: Tues/Th, 1st Semester only Courses
September 9th: Monday, 1st Semester only Courses
October 7th: M/W/F Year-Long Courses
October 7th: Monday only Year-Long Courses
October 1st: T/Th Year-Long Courses
January 23rd: Tues/Th, 2nd Semester only Courses
January 28th: Monday, 2nd Semester only Courses
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