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Grammar School

Each day is an exciting adventure.

Every day is a new adventure in Veritas’s Grammar School. Teachers strive to develop a deep love of learning through instruction as well as hands-on activities. While learning the basic, factual content and rules of subjects, students are discovering new concepts and reveling in this time of wonder and excitement. 

Throughout the day students will engage in learning math, science, reading, spelling, and more. In addition to academics, Grammar School students rotate through a Specials Wheel that includes music, art, nature study, and PE. 



Parent Partnership  

Throughout their schooling, parents play an active part in their child’s education. In Grammar School, that role is co-teacher. While Veritas will take the lead academically, the co-teacher will walk alongside their child on School@Home days to reinforce concepts introduced by the classroom teacher the day before. Students in the Grammar School can expect from 2 hours in Kinder up to 5 hours in 4th Grade of work on home days. 

With several opportunities to get involved in your child’s classroom as well, it is not uncommon to see small groups of parents gathered in the courtyards on campus sharing a cup of coffee, waiting on a presentation to begin, or helping supervise lunch and recess.


Specials Wheel & Scholé 

Throughout the year, students in Grammar School will rotate through a Specials Wheel including time in Art, Music, PE, and Nature Study during their regular school day. Additionally, students in PreK-4th Grade have the opportunity to register for an extra day on campus that we call Scholé. This Friday enrichment program provides students with the opportunity to partake in leisurely and meaningful learning experiences.







Curriculum Overview 

In the Grammar School, basic factual content and rules—the “grammar”—of each subject is mastered. The curricular emphasis during these years is on learning basic facts and figures during a time when our youngest Defenders love to memorize.






Jenny McLatcher

Grammar School Head

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Kimberly Bruce

Grammar School Academic Dean

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Amanda Hurley

Grammar School Literacy Specialist and Learning Support Services Assistant 

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Grammar School Main Office
GS Office Phone: 512-891-1688 

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3 Stages of Classical Education

Each day is an exciting adventure while learning the basic, factual content and rules of subjects.

Grammar School

Natural curiosity leads to knowledge as students dive deeper into subjects and explore the how and the why of content.

School of Logic

Minds full of knowledge and the ability to organize that knowledge into meaningful arguments, prepares students to focus on winsome and effective expression.

School of Rhetoric

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