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The School of Logic

Natural curiosity leads to organized knowledge

Undeniable transformation happens during the School of Logic. Students enter as older children and exit as young adults. Our students grow into independent learners as their time on campus increases, and they begin to take more responsibility for their studies. 

Our teachers work to nurture the natural curiosity that students in the School of Logic possess. Students begin to pay attention to cause and effect, to organize knowledge into succinct patterns, and to recognize and investigate relationships between those patterns. In the classroom, teachers dive deeper into subjects and explore the how and the why of content, while also offering unique opportunities for hands-on instruction across our 97-acre campus!

The witty, inquisitive, contemplative soul.


Parent Partnership 

Throughout their schooling, parents play an active part in their child’s education. In the School of Logic, that role transitions to a Guide for Dependent Study and becomes more hands-off than the co-teacher role in Grammar School. Students in these grades are at a dependent age and must learn disciplined study habits through positive encouragement and the student’s growing awareness of personal consequences. 





Class Trips 

Learning outside the confines of the classroom and campus provides significant opportunities for growth. Class trips allow students to bond with teachers and classmates alike. In 5th Grade, students embark on a day trip to Sea World before beginning overnight trips in the 6th Grade. The 6th Grade class trip is a three-day, two-night team-building adventure for parents, students, and teachers at T-Bar_M Camp. Each fall, 7th Grade students serve at Arms of Hope. A five-day excursion for 8th Grade to Washington, D.C. in late May builds on their American history curriculum and serves as a capstone to their School of Logic experience.




Extracurricular Offerings 

Beginning in 5th Grade students are invited to participate in school-sponsored athletics. With offerings expanding each grade, students are encouraged to be a part of a team and find an activity that suits their interests. Athletic practices generally take place before school and vary with each season/sport. In addition to athletics, a wide offering of Fine Arts is presented to students to participate in. Fine arts including, theatre, art, music, and band are taught during the school day providing students with the opportunity to explore Fine Arts and Athletics during the same school year without schedule conflicts.



Curriculum Overview

As students transition from Grammar School into the School of Logic, they learn to logically organize knowledge into meaningful arguments while growing in their pursuit of wisdom and virtue. An emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary for increased independent study and time management. Artful and persuasive communications skills are beginning to be developed intentionally in order to prepare Veritas students to memorize and present a 20-minute thesis during the spring of their Senior year.





Jenny McLatcher

School of Logic Head

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Bianca Vimont

School of Logic Academic Dean

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Stephanie Johnson

SLR Administrative Assistant
SLR Office Phone: 512-891-1681

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3 Stages of Classical Education

Each day is an exciting adventure while learning the basic, factual content and rules of subjects.

Grammar School

Natural curiosity leads to knowledge as students dive deeper into subjects and explore the how and the why of content.

School of Logic

Minds full of knowledge and the ability to organize that knowledge into meaningful arguments, prepares students to focus on winsome and effective expression.

School of Rhetoric

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