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PreSchool & PreK

PreK kids laying on floor

Delighting in wonder while exploring God's creation.


Student development

PreSchool and PreK are where it all begins. Our youngest Defenders are a part of our Grammar school and are just being introduced to discovering the world God has created and delighting in wonder while doing so. Our teachers nurture a safe, joyous learning environment where students are exposed to math, science, language, music, art and more. 

Through teacher-led instruction, students engage with their peers, experience wonder, revel in creative play, and deepen their natural curiosity, all while learning to become a student. 

Classroom circle time

Curriculum Overview

In the Grammar School, basic factual content and rules—the “grammar”—of each subject is mastered. The curricular emphasis during these years is on learning basic facts and figures during a time when our youngest Defenders love to memorize.

PreSchool boy with his parents at our annual Teddy Bear Picnic

Parent Partnership 

Throughout their schooling, parents play an active part in their child’s education. During these youngest years, parents will participate in classroom activities such as our annual Teddy Bear Picnic, the Thanksgiving Feast of Blessings, Character ROCKS Presentations, and more! 

During PreSchool, students will not have assignments during School@Home days giving parents an opportunity to explore interests and passions with their child. In PreK, parents can expect 1-2 hours of work during home days, still leaving ample time for delight and wonder.

PreSchool & PreK Schedule

MONDAy & wednesday -or- tuesday & thursday

Students attend class at Veritas

TUESDAY & thursday -or- monday & wednesday

PreSchool: Enjoy life @ home
Pre-K: School@Home

Friday: Scholé (optional)

Students have the option to add an additional day on campus.

*Tuition Costs include Core Classes only. Scholé may be added for an additional fee. 

What are the class sizes?


The student-to-teacher ratio for PreSchool and PreK.

Contact Us

Dani Cowen
Grammar School Head

Kimberly Bruce
Grammar School Academic Dean

Amanda Hurley
Grammar School Literacy Specialist & Learning Support Services Assistant

Alissa Borcherding
Grammar School Administrative Assistant 
GS Office Phone: (512) 891-1688

Scripture Memory

Scripture Memory is an important exercise as we strive to hide God's word in our hearts and reflect upon these truths, both in class and at home. Our student body is unified through memory of the same scripture passages each semester. Focusing on the same passage also provides the opportunity for the whole family to study and discuss scripture together at home. 

Grade Level Profiles

Preeschool student holds up a Curiuos George Book
Teachers and students at a table working on a project

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