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School of Rhetoric

Passionately purposeful. Ambitious, adventurous spirit. Fully alive and engaged.

With minds full of knowledge and the ability to organize that knowledge into meaningful arguments, students in our School of Rhetoric are prepared to focus on winsome and effective expression.

Students are inspired to learn, serve, and lead here. They seek and embrace meaningful challenge. Teachers encourage our students to stretch and grow through vibrant and engaging lessons both inside the walls of the classroom and outdoors among God’s creation. Here our students are able to discover their passions, challenge themselves, and explore the opportunities available to them in life after Veritas. 

The School of Rhetoric is not our students’ final destination, rather it is a stepping stone on the path of becoming a life-long learner. Our students leave Veritas with the knowledge and tools to succeed in college but also with the desire to continue learning throughout their lives. While most Veritas graduates attend college or university, students also leave Veritas to pursue a trade, begin mission work, and more. Throughout their time in the School of Rhetoric, students are encouraged and guided in making the right decision for themselves with the help of our College and Academic Advising staff. No matter the path they choose, Veritas students leave ready to make their mark on the world. 

The irrepressible visionary—informed of the past, mindful of the future, master of the moment in pursuit of his/her calling. 


Parent Partnership 

Throughout their schooling, parents play an active part in their child’s education. In the School of Rhetoric that role can easily be overlooked because students have become quite independent. Thoughtful dinner table conversations help students process what they are learning and provide opportunities for parents to influence the growth of wisdom and virtue in their children. Parents continue to aid in organization and time management to help grow these life skills in their children.





Class Trips 

Learning outside the confines of the classroom and campus provides significant opportunities for growth. Class trips allow students to bond with teachers and classmates alike. Following the completion of their 9th Grade year, Veritas students travel to Colorado for a week of adventure where they spend time forming community around campfires. Sophomores hit the road to visit colleges of all different styles in order to show them the options available and help them begin to consider what they might be looking for in a university. Immediately after Junior year, students have the opportunity to travel to Europe with their classmates for 17 days. They will grow to understand other cultures as they enjoy the history, sights and food of Europe they have been studying. Finally, during Spring Break of their Senior year, Veritas students spend the week giving back by serving on a mission trip.



Troy Schuknecht

School of Rhetoric Head
Associate Head of School

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Melonie Elequin

Schools of Rhetoric Academic Dean
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Stephanie Johnson

SLR Administrative Assistant
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