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School of Rhetoric (9–12)

School of Rhetoric girl wearing a wolf hat representing her student house

In the School of Rhetoric, students are passionately purposeful, have an ambitious, adventurous spirit, and are fully alive and engaged.

School of Rhetoric girls leadership class

Student Growth

With minds full of knowledge and the ability to organize that knowledge into meaningful arguments, students in our School of Rhetoric are prepared to focus on winsome and effective expression.

Students are inspired to learn, serve, and lead here. They seek and embrace meaningful challenge. Teachers encourage our students to stretch and grow through vibrant and engaging lessons both inside the walls of the classroom and outdoors among God’s creation. Here our students are able to discover their passions, challenge themselves, and explore the opportunities available to them in life after Veritas. 

The School of Rhetoric is not our students’ final destination, rather it is a stepping stone on the path of becoming a life-long learner. Our students leave Veritas with the knowledge and tools to succeed in college but also with the desire to continue learning throughout their lives. While most Veritas graduates attend college or university, students also leave Veritas to pursue a trade, begin mission work, and more. Throughout their time in the School of Rhetoric, students are encouraged and guided in making the right decision for themselves with the help of our College and Academic Advising staff. No matter the path they choose, Veritas students leave ready to make their mark on the world. 

Two students dissecting a squid

Curriculum Overview

Students enrolled in the School of Rhetoric follow a university schedule M-F which includes off periods and study hall. Core courses include math, science, history, English, leadership, and foreign language with varied enrollment in electives. The courses for each grade level are carefully designed to integrate all subjects into a particular period of history. Instructors teach from a Christ-centered worldview, following the Classical model to develop the good, true, and beautiful. The curriculum is carefully designed to meet the school's mission of helping children commence a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in their purposeful and passionate service of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. 

Logic is at the core of all learning, in that through the use of our God given intellect we will complete in the marketplace of ideas, engage in the Great Debate of the Ages, and change the culture as did the Christians who came before us. Veritas focuses on developing both written and speaking abilities, starting in Grammar School and building throughout the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric. This culminates in a Senior Thesis; wherein each student presents a 20-minute oral presentation, followed by a 20-minute defense before a panel of judges, on a topic they have researched and prepared throughout their senior year. 

To ensure all students are on track to meet graduation requirements and prepare for their goals after high school, our Academic Advisors guide students in their course selections each year. 

Senior celebrating college decision with family

Parent Partnership

Throughout their schooling, parents play an active part in their child’s education. In the School of Rhetoric that role can easily be overlooked because students have become quite independent. Thoughtful dinner table conversations help students process what they are learning and provide opportunities for parents to influence the growth of wisdom and virtue in their children. Parents continue to aid in organization and time management to help grow these life skills in their children.

BlueBelles Drill Team standing on the grand staircase

Additional Offerings & Extracurriculars

Fine Arts & Athletics

Building on the foundation set in the School of Logic, students are invited to continue their participation in fine arts and school-sponsored athletics. Fine Arts provides a wide variety of paths for student learning and growth. Offerings include theatre, musical theatre, band, drumline, drawing, painting, ceramics, and speech. These classes are part of the electives curriculum and are taught during the school day. Athletics include Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Track & Field, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Drill Team, & Cheerleading. Practices take place before or after school and vary with each season/sport. This scheduling provides students with the opportunity to explore both Fine Arts and Athletics during the same school year. Both Fine Arts and Athletics participate in TAPPS competition. 


With a desire to instill a love of life and to make well-rounded individuals, Veritas offers a wide selection of electives. Offerings include Computer Science, Psychology, Cooking, Archery, Martial Arts, Old Testament, Investing, Photography, Yearbook, and much more! 

academic support

In addition to traditional Study Hall, Academic Coaching Labs are offered for 9th and 10th Grade students, providing extra support for the increased responsibility and challenging academics in the School of Rhetoric.


Augustine crest
Bonhoeffer crest
Francis crest
Muller crest

The house system is not a new innovation to Veritas, nor did it start with Harry Potter. House systems have been done in English schools for centuries and are currently a thriving part of classical schools across the United States and even in Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale. Though it seems to be a divisive element at first glance (dividing our one school into four houses), it has proven to be a unifying element of our school. 

The house system is an on-going competition within the school that builds community, breaks down cliques, provides every student an instant place of belonging, and is just plain old fun. Since houses are not grade-specific, they also serve to increase the interaction between students of different grades.

Each house sends members to two different leadership bodies within the Student Congress: Ambassadors and House Leaders. One underclassman from each house is appointed to serve on each of the following Ambassador teams: the Events Team, the Ministry Coordinators, the Service Team, and the Spirit Team. Three seniors from each house are elected to House Leadership, serving as the house Reliquarian, Baron, and Prefect. Ask a StuCon ambassador at the next Open House what serving in this capacity looks like!

School of Rhetoric Schedule

MONDAY - friday

Students attend class at Veritas

University Schedule

Mon, Wed, Fri: 60 minute classes

Tue, Thu: 90 minute classes

What are the class sizes?


The student-to-teacher ratio is generally targeted at 16:1 for most GS, SL, and SR classes but may exceed the target and near 18 students.

Contact Us

Angie Thompson
School of Rhetoric Head

Kathryn Ball
School of Rhetoric Academic Dean

Stephanie Johnson
School of Logic & Rhetoric Administrative Assistant 
SLR Office Phone: (512) 891-1681

Class Trips

Learning outside the confines of the classroom and campus provides significant opportunities for growth. Class trips allow students to bond with teachers and classmates alike.

9th Grade

Following the completion of their 9th Grade year, Veritas students travel to Colorado for a week of adventure where they spend time forming community around campfires.

10th Grade

Sophomores hit the road to visit colleges of all different styles in order to show them the options available and help them begin to consider what they might be looking for in a university.

11th Grade

Immediately after Junior year, students have the opportunity to travel to Europe with their classmates for 17 days. They will grow to understand other cultures as they enjoy the history, sights and food of Europe they have been studying.

12th Grade

Finally, during Spring Break of their Senior year, Veritas students spend the week giving back by serving on a mission trip.

Scripture Memory

Scripture Memory is an important exercise as we strive to hide God's word in our hearts and reflect upon these truths, both in class and at home. Our student body is unified through memory of the same scripture passages each semester. Focusing on the same passage also provides the opportunity for the whole family to study and discuss scripture together at home. 

Grade Level Profiles

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