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Senior Thesis: Class of 2024

Culminating many years of rigorous academic effort and accomplishment, Veritas Academy Seniors face their final hurdle in the Senior Thesis capstone event in which each student presents a 20-minute memorized oral presentation on a topic they have researched for the entire year, followed by a 20-minute defense before a panel of judges.

Senior Thesis Program Overview

Rhetoric Course

All students who will complete a thesis will enroll in Rhetoric. This course meets twice weekly for an hour. There are daily speaking exercises to refine the students’ public speaking presence. Additionally, students are taught effective research methods and how to craft winsome arguments for their speeches.


Each student will be assigned an advisor. The advisors are volunteers whose goal is to help the student along the way. Students are required to meet with their advisors six times throughout the course of the year, but they should feel free to meet more frequently if desired.


Each student will be assigned a grader. The grader will assess each checkpoint and ensure that adequate progress is being made. There will be three main drafts that will receive a full mark-up by the grader.

Four Tracks


The final draft of the research paper is due at an assigned date around the end of March or beginning of April. At this point, some students will be selected (Note: students will be graded using the Senior Thesis rubric; any who submit a passing paper at this deadline will be “selected”) and invited to participate in the Senior Thesis Competition. Students who are not selected for the competition or decline the invitation will present either in the evening the following week or during the day throughout the month of May. The students are then seeded by their grade in the course, and the nightly schedules are based off of that seeding. Details of all four tracks are as follows:


Final Fourum™ MMXXIV

For the Final Fourum, the top four speakers from Monday-Thursday’s Top 16 presentations (one from each evening) will advance to the final round of the Senior Thesis Competition. Selected for eloquence, winsomeness, and depth & breadth of knowledge, these seniors will take the stage one last time to compete for the Senior Thesis Laureate and scholarship, with the winner being announced at graduation in late May.

Friday, April 26 | Auditorium


Experimental Research Thesis (XRT)

Students who have a stronger leaning towards STEM related fields may choose to participate in our XRT program.

Tuesday, April 30 | Auditorium


Top 16 Senior Thesis Competition (Week 2)

Following the submission of their final draft research papers, the top 16 students are invited to participate in the Senior Thesis Competition. The students who accept the invitation must each memorize their thesis and prepare to field questions from a panel of adults, including one or more experts in the field of their topic.

Monday, April 22 | Auditorium

Tuesday, April 23 | Auditorium

Wednesday, April 24 | Auditorium

Thursday, April 25 | Auditorium


Advanced Senior Thesis Presentations (Week 1)

Students who wish to earn the advanced senior thesis, but are not in the top 16, will present in the evening during the week prior to the competition.

Monday, April 15 | Auditorium

Tuesday, April 16 | Auditorium

Wednesday, April 17 | Auditorium