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Last Application Deadline for the 2023-2024 School Year

While some grades are currently at capacity and there are limited seats in open grades, we will be accepting applications until the deadline on Thursday, June 1. Grades with current availability are PreK, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th. Depending on how many applications are received, waitpool placement is possible for any grade; our waitpool is unranked and will remain active until Monday, August 7. 

If you are interested in learning more about the summer admissions process and timing, please schedule a call or reach out to our Admissions Office at

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Please reach out to let us know that you are interested in Veritas Academy by submitting an Online Request for Information. 

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Open Houses begin each fall and provide an opportunity for parents to hear directly from school administrators while touring campus and receiving an overview of how our academics, schedule, and partnership may be a great fit for their family.

Please note that applications for admission are only made available to those who have attended an Open House, with both parents—and any additional family member who may be helping in the co-teaching role (like a grandparent)—needing to attend an event, as well as complete the required parental reading, prior to scheduling a family interview.


Required Parental Reading

As we get to know one another better, the following books/resources provide valuable insight into Veritas Academy and our heart for discipleship and education. Furthermore, affirmation of our Statements on Faith, Life & Conduct is a prerequisite for the submission of an application. 

*These books are available for purchase from the school office, at an Open House, and online. Please know that you may begin the required parental reading at any time, however, it must be completed by both parents prior to scheduling a family interview. 

Required Student Reading

  • So Your Parents are Thinking of Sending You to a Classical Christian School by Joshua Gibbs

The required student reading is for all students applying to enter grades 8-12 and is a very practical overview of what makes classical, Christian school and education different from other schools. The pamphlet is available at an Open House and must be completed prior to a family interview.   





After attending an Open House and prayerfully considering your family’s needs for education, we invite you to complete an Application for Admission. Upon submission of the application, families will be able to schedule next steps, including Placement Testing and a Family Interview before receiving an Admissions Decision.

Please note that applications for admission are only made available after attending an Open House, and that due to the model of our school, we are unable to accept applications after the start of our annual Paideia Week, which is detailed below.

Upcoming Application Deadline:

Thu, June 1, 2023

After attending an Open House and prayerfully considering your family’s needs for education, complete an Online Application for Admission. You will need to create a user account to begin and submit an application, including the $200 application fee, and the online portal will help you track additional application items (e.g., school records and recommendations, student writing samples and reading lists, family and academic references, etc.). 

Instructions for Completing the Online Application

View Checklist 


Following the submission of an application, you will be invited to schedule a family interview. The family interview provides important time for you to ask questions and for us to get to know one another better while discussing the compatibility of your family’s goals with the school’s methods and philosophy. The applicant(s) and both parents are required to be in attendance, but your whole family is welcome to attend the interview.

NOTE: Family Interviews are generally 45 minutes long and are scheduled during the school day/week. Depending on when your application is received, your family interview may be before or after placement testing.

Students applying for Kindergarten will participate in a readiness screening while students in grades 1-12 will complete Placement Testing, with those applying for grades 5-12 also participating in a Shadow Day. Testing is held on select weekdays at Veritas Academy, and results help guide the placement and/or admission of students. In some cases, an academic meeting may be scheduled to review testing results.

Summer Testing on Monday, June 5

generally in the morning; there will not be a shadowing opportunity for summer applicants

Placement Testing Objectives

Grammar School (Grades K-4)  School of Logic (Grades 5-8)  School of Rhetoric (Grades 9-12) 

Admissions decisions will be emailed on the afternoon of Monday, July 10, 2023, after all prior steps of the admissions process have been completed. Following an acceptance offer, you will be invited to enroll and submit a course request for the upcoming school year, due by Friday, July 21.

If we do not have openings in your child’s grade level but believe your student and family are a good fit for our school model, we will keep your child’s application active until the start of our annual Paideia Week in August and let you know if any seats become available before that time. While it is always our preference to accept a family together, it is possible for one child to be accepted and another to be placed on the waitpool. The waitpool is unranked and starts over each admissions season, with students needing to reapply for the next school year if desired. 

Applications received after the dates listed above will be processed on a rolling, space-available basis. Waiting pool applications may be accepted after a grade is filled.

Enrollment communicates your decision to accept our admissions offer and officially reserves a seat for the upcoming school year. This step includes payment of the annual family (re-)enrollment and setting up a FACTS Tuition & Management account. 

Course Request submissions follow Online Enrollment. It is through this second step that each student's schedule and each family's Tuition Statement is built, making the submission of Course Requests required for all enrolled students in PreSchool-12th Grade. To help with this process, families will have access to the Course Catalog, planning sheets for each school level, preliminary course schedules, and additional resources. Keep in mind that courses with limited seats, such as electives and higher-level math and science courses, will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis, so all requests will be date- and time-stamped. 

Academic Advising for Incoming 9th-12th Grade Students 

Prior to completing Course Requests, all incoming 9th-12th grade students will schedule an advising appointment to discuss graduation requirements/credits and course planning for the upcoming school year. 

Tuition Assistance (TA) is an important part of Veritas Academy and allows us to help make a classical, Christian, university-model education affordable to families. TA applications are processed through FACTS Grant & Aid, an unbiased third-party application service and are generally due on the same day as Enrollment and Course Requests. Please be prepared to submit your current Tax Return and W-2 form(s) as part of your TA application. 



Prepare for the School Year

Order books, uniforms, etc. and submit medical records

The beginning of summer is a good time to prepare for the upcoming school year by purchasing school uniforms and textbooks and scheduling doctor’s appointments for immunizations, screenings (vision, hearing & scoliosis), and sports physicals.  You should have all your books purchased and all health/medical records submitted before New Family Orientation.

Attend Paideia Week | AUGUST 7-11, 2023

Paideia Week is held each summer to equip, educate, and inspire the Veritas community, and attendance is required for new students, families, and faculty/staff. While both parents are invited to attend the week, the parent serving as the primary Co-Teacher will need to attend all trainings/sessions scheduled throughout the week, as they are designed to equip you in your new role and partnership at Veritas Academy. 

All NEW students and all Kindergarten, 5th & 9th grade students will attend orientation on Mon, Aug 7. Childcare for enrolled PreS/PreK will be available Mon-Wed, Aug 7-9. 

Paideia Week


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