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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

While we know our model is not a fit for every child, it is our desire to bless families by serving as many of their children as possible. Once a family has been accepted and gone through the admissions process with their child, they do not need to go through the family interview a second time. Sibling applications and placement testing usually takes place in January, and sibling admission decisions are made prior to reenrollment.

Yes, both parents must wholeheartedly agree with, genuinely live by, and willingly sign our Mission, Statements on Faith, Life, and Conduct, and Family Commitment. As a discipleship school, Veritas is committed to ministering to and partnering with Christian families in order to reinforce and support the faith and Biblical worldview instilled in your child at home and at your local church. We are only able to effectively partner with and support families when unified in our core beliefs and values. It is neither our desire nor our role to be the primary influence in your child’s life, but rather to complement your efforts in educating and discipling your child. (You can find our Mission and Statements on Faith, Life, and Conduct here.) 

Due to the model of our school, we are unable to admit students after the start of the school. It is important that all applicants go through our complete admissions process and attend the Paideia Conference & Camp to help prepare them for the unique partnership Veritas offers. We will not accept applications for admission after the start of Paideia.

Veritas keeps an active applicant pool rather than a waitlist. If we do not have any openings in your child’s grade level but believe your student and family are a good fit for our school model, we will keep your child’s application active until the start of our annual Paideia Conference & Camp and let you know if any seats become available. If a seat does not open up before the first day of Paideia, your child’s application will become inactive. The application can be reactivated once the admissions season begins for the following year, typically in November. Your family would not need to go through the entire admissions process again but would need to contact the Admissions Office and submit updated school records, schedule placement testing, etc. for the new year.

After being offered admittance and completing enrollment for the upcoming year, families will have the opportunity to apply for Tuition Assistance. Veritas uses an independent, third-party to recommend need-based financial grants. All Tuition Assistance is funded through operating surpluses and donations.

All applicants for PreSchool must be three years of age by Aug 31, and PreK applicants must be four years of age by August 31. Applicants for Kindergarten are required to be five years of age by August 31. We hold very tightly to these requirements and even recommend that applicants with birth dates in any of the summer months consider waiting until the following year.

No; a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is required for all students interested in attending our Kindergarten program. These assessments for our PreK students take place during the school day in February and March and help the Veritas administration and parents determine an appropriate fit for the student. PreK students who are not yet ready for Kindergarten may have the option of repeating the PreK program.

To protect the limited class time we have with students, we do not allow class observations. However, our Admissions Office is available to schedule a campus tour and spend some time answering your questions while you get a glimpse of the classrooms, community and “feel” of Veritas.

Generally speaking, no, we do not offer part-time enrollment. Our classes strategically connect to provide students with a comprehensive foundation and understanding of all subjects. By electing to only take some courses at Veritas, students miss the benefits of classical education and the intentionality of our program. With that said, exceptions are occasionally made in the School of Rhetoric on a case-by-case basis at the end of the admissions season if classes have open seats. Priority is given to full-time students, and all students wanting to participate in Veritas Athletics must meet a minimum course load requirement.

Veritas Academy is generally not equipped to provide special assistance to students with severe learning disabilities that require help beyond what a parent is normally able to give at home or through other means. However, in some limited cases involving certain learning differences, the school is able to provide Veritas families with access to additional support services on campus. These are typically provided at an additional cost to students for whom their learning differences (e.g., dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.) emerged while attending the academy. Also, Veritas attempts to provide access to additional support for its families who adopt internationally.

We value your time and desire to make the best educational decisions for your family. To ensure you are well informed about the unique and inspiring approach to education at Veritas, it is important for you to hear an overview of the school’s model, mission, academics and opportunities directly from school administrations (Informational Meeting), discern if our heart for discipleship and education is consistent with that of your family’s (required reading), and have a personal opportunity to discuss the compatibility of your family’s goals with the school’s methods and philosophy, while receiving valuable feedback for optimal grade level placement at Veritas (placement testing and family interview). While the process may seem lengthy, each step is implemented to assist you in learning more about the school and your role in the parent/school partnership that is essential to Veritas. Through this process, we are both better equipped to partner in training the hearts and minds of your children for the glory of God through a classical, Christian education.

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