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Defender Community

If you ask someone what they love most about Veritas Academy, they will likely say, "The community!" Veritas is blessed to partner with families and faculty who are passionate about engaging in the lives of their children and students, who take to heart their role and responsibility to disciple and educate the hearts and minds of those God has entrusted to their care, and who willingly engage in this special model of education. When you put everyone together, a vibrant, encouraging, and purposeful Defender Community emerges... and we would not have it any other way!

With ample opportunities to engage and become involved in the Defender Community, we have organized a few helpful avenues for you to connect both on and off campus.

Veritas Groups, Clubs, and Connections

Official groups, clubs, and connections are those that have been approved by the Veritas Academy administrators and function under the direction of parent or faculty volunteers who work with the school leadership team to ensure that each group supports the mission and vision of the school. The majority of these groups have a landing page on the school website (see column at left) and are promoted via the weekly School Memo, the Family Portal, and the website so you know when and where they meet and how to get involved. We hope you will enjoy these great groups and invite you to complete this brief Group Application if you are interested in starting another such group at Veritas!

Non-Veritas Groups, Clubs, and Connections

While non-Veritas groups, clubs, and connections are not official organizations of the school, they are great ways for parents and faculty to meet and connect in a more casual way free from the constraints of school oversight. Examples of unofficial school groups and clubs might be a mom's coffee meet-up, a dad's frisbee golf group, or a grade-level Facebook group; and examples of connections might be local leagues for sports not offered at Veritas (e.g., flag football), church camps and activities, or a neighborhood/civic organization (e.g. American Heritage Girls, Scouts, etc.).

To help facilitate these connections, we have created a Community Resource page and welcome your help to keep it up-to-date. Please email if you would like to add a resource to the page, and thank you in advance for your willingness to engage and share your great connections with the Veritas community!

Since these groups do not operate under the direction of the school, Veritas is unable to promote them via the weekly School Memo, the Family Portal, the website, etc. and asks that they not use the school's marks and logos and include a disclaimer in any print or online publications.