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Always a Defender

Greetings Alumni,

It takes one to know one, right? As a graduate, former student, graduate's parent, or former faculty & staff member, you not only know the difference between royal blue and cobalt, but more importantly, you know there is something special about the Veritas community. We've always been a unique group of people who embrace life, learning, and truth, who are trail-blazers and pioneering spirits at our core, and who value meaningful relationships with family and friends. As a key member of our community, we miss each one of you, and we truly desire to stay connected as you continue on life's journey.

If you are a member of the Veritas Alumni Community, please let us know how you're doing and share what's new in your life as well as how we can continue to pray for, encourage, and celebrate with you. Please also know that you are always welcome to visit and that we hope you will join us for alumni specific events as you are able.

We are truly grateful for and proud of you.

Your Fellow Cobalt-Loving Defenders

Stay in Touch

Contact Information

Please take a few moments to make sure we have your most current contact information, so we can stay in touch and share invitations/ updates with you. 

Alumni Contact Information


Share an Update

We also want to hear from you! Please share about your recent internship, graduating from college, winning an award, marrying your sweetheart, giving birth to a future Defender, starting your dream job, or any other milestone or story. Don't forget to share photos too! 

Share an Update 

Prayer Request

Please also let us know how we can pray with and for you. Whatever is on the horizon, we are here.  

Prayer Request


Social Connections & Networking

We are continuing to expand our social connections and networks to help you stay in touch with one another and the Veritas community. If this is an area that you are passionate about and you would like to help, please reach out to



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