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Always a Defender

Greetings Alumni,

It takes one to know one, right? As a graduate, former student, graduate's parent, or former faculty & staff member, you not only know the difference between royal blue and cobalt, but more importantly, you know there is something special about the Veritas community. You know that we've always been a unique group of people who embrace life, learning, and truth. You know that we are trail-blazers and pioneering spirits at our core. Above all, you know that we value meaningful relationships with the Lord, as well as with family and friends. As key members of our community, we miss each one of you, and we truly desire to stay connected as you continue on life's journey.

If you are a member of the Veritas Alumni Community, please let us know how you're doing.  We would love to hear about what's new in your life as well as how we can continue to pray for, encourage, and celebrate with you. Please also know that you are always welcome to visit and that we hope you will join us for alumni specific events as you are able. 

We are truly grateful for and proud of you.

Your Fellow Cobalt-Loving Defenders

Stay in Touch

Contact Information

Please take a few moments to make sure we have your most current contact information. This will help us stay in touch and share invitations/updates with you. (Alumni parents, please feel free to update your child's information for him/her!)

Share an Update

We also want to hear from—and celebrate with—you! Please share about starting a new job/internship, graduating from college, winning an award, marrying your sweetheart, giving birth to a future Defender, or any other milestone or story.

Prayer Request

Please also let us know how we can pray with and for you. Whatever is on the horizon, we are here and would be honored to continue walking with you.


Defender Homecoming - 10/29/21!

Homecoming is always a festive time with students enjoying themed dress-up days, pep rallies, and more, but the community highlight is always welcoming alumni back to campus for a tailgate and halftime walk. This tradition gives alumni the opportunity to catch up with one another, enjoy the nostalgia of a high school football game, and be inspired by the next generation of Veritas Defenders who are building on the legacy that all alumni students and their parents have helped create. 

A Brief History of Veritas Homecomings—and Homegoings!

After a decade of playing “home” games all over central Texas—most recently in Dripping Springs but previously in downtown Austin and southside San Marcos (and even in a rutted pasture with free ranging cattle before that!)—the Defender football team has finally settled into its permanent home at Defender Field on the 97-acre campus of Veritas Academy.

The initial plan for this year was to continue expanding our on-campus practice fields while prepping the hillside and venue for hosting games next year, the pandemic had other plans, forcing neighboring schools and districts to stop leasing their facilities to outside parties and suddenly requiring us to host games on our campus a year earlier than expected. In hindsight, this has proven to be just another silver lining to this crisis.

This made 2020's Homecoming different from any we’ve ever “hosted” before, since all were at venues located far from our school...especially the notorious Homegoing game in San Antonio one year when our opponent unwittingly hosted our special night as we arrived with a long caravan of vehicles and chartered buses full of celebrating students! 

Homecoming MMXX was the very first one where we actually welcomed alums and former students back to their former home. Though the raw land was purchased by the school on December 31, 2012, some seven months after our first graduation, those graduates—and all others—enjoyed at least a few classes during their senior year out on this land as we simply knew that this would become our home someday. So, in a sense, this is year's was Veritas’ first real­—or at least literal—Homecoming, and we welcomed back to this place nearly 100 alumni of the school, each of whom have previously set foot upon this land with most having done so well before we relocated to the campus in the Fall of 2018. Veritasians, look at what’s happened with what you started!


The positive COVID-19 tests among members of our scheduled opponent necessitated their withdrawal from the contest on the day of the game this year...and thus continues the history of unique Veritas Homecomings, where we have learned to expect the unexpected.

Once a Defender, always a Defender!


Social Connections & Networking

We are continuing to expand our social connections and networks to help you stay in touch with one another and the Veritas community. If this is an area that you are passionate about and you would like to help, please reach out to


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