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2021-2022 Covid Updates from our Head of School

The mission and vision of Veritas Academy has remained unchanged since the founding of the school and is rooted in partnership. As we navigated the 2020-2021 school year together, our primary objective was to maximize in-person, on-campus instruction for our students, conducted in a manner that was as safe as reasonably and practically possible for both our kids and their teachers. Striking that balance was not the easiest thing we attempted, and yet we saw it was possible as we remained committed to supporting the safety of our community and upholding the mission and values of Veritas Academy that brought us together. 

Our mission and commitment continue to anchor us as we now launch into the 2021-2022 school year. In what may still be a unique year, please continue to read our weekly Covid updates and join us in praying for each other and our school community, that we would be gracious and full of care and consideration for one another, that the Lord’s hand would cover and protect our children and families, and that we would individually and collectively be wise in our decisions as we fully rely on Him.


Covid Update – 2021.07.30

July 30, 2021
By Jef Fowler, HOS

As of the last day of school in May, Veritas reverted back to its pre-COVID policies, procedures, and protocols, with facemasks becoming optional throughout campus. At present, the school is not conducting contact tracing or imposing quarantines on those who may have been in close contact with someone who tests positive, though we do still require infected individuals to remain off campus.

Since May, the Delta variant of the coronavirus has become prevalent and appears to be much more transmissible than the original strain and its subsequent variants, but perhaps no more virulent, or harmful. Vaccinated people who contract this particular strain (called a “breakthrough” infection) almost always exhibit no or very mild symptoms; and hospitalizations and deaths among this group are very rare. However, the rate of infection (after exposure to the Delta strand) among the fully vaccinated may be surprisingly large, like 10-20+% of vaccinated individuals who are exposed, per some accounts. For example─and this is purely anecdotal─at least six of the 56 Texas state representatives who flew to D.C. together a few weeks ago have confirmed contracting COVID while on that trip together, in spite of the fact that all of them had been fully vaccinated.

The data and accompanying analysis related to the Delta strain is emerging on a daily basis now, as is the guidance from various healthcare professionals and government officials. We are again spending hours reading the advice, researching the data and studies behind it, and considering our options for the coming school year. We’ve also received the unexpected─and uninvited─experience of some positive COVID cases in the School of Rhetoric’s summer Logic class which began this week. Consistent with both our philosophy and practice of providing parents with timely information and allowing them to make decisions they feel are appropriate for their children, we informed the Logic class of these positive cases. We continue to pay close attention to this class in order to learn lessons that can be applied to the rest of the school in the coming days, weeks, and year. 

So, that’s a lot of words to say that our relaxed protocols following the end of the last school year remain as-is, for now, but are under review based on our experience, the scientific research, and the counsel/guidance/mandates of medical and governmental leaders. Please stay tuned as we prepare to launch another school year in this unique climate. -Jef

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