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2021-2022 Covid Updates from our Head of School

The mission and vision of Veritas Academy has remained unchanged since the founding of the school and is rooted in partnership. As we navigated the 2020-2021 school year together, our primary objective was to maximize in-person, on-campus instruction for our students, conducted in a manner that was as safe as reasonably and practically possible for both our kids and their teachers. Striking that balance was not the easiest thing we attempted, and yet we saw it was possible as we remained committed to supporting the safety of our community and upholding the mission and values of Veritas Academy that brought us together. 

Our mission and commitment continue to anchor us as we now launch into the 2021-2022 school year. In what may still be a unique year, please continue to read our weekly Covid updates and join us in praying for each other and our school community, that we would be gracious and full of care and consideration for one another, that the Lord’s hand would cover and protect our children and families, and that we would individually and collectively be wise in our decisions as we fully rely on Him.


Covid Update – 2021.09.10

September 10, 2021
By Jef Fowler, HOS

Over the Labor Day weekend, 6 GS students tested positive; so on Tuesday we updated all GS families to advise them of this and to request that they be extra vigilant in monitoring their kids for symptoms and to keep them at home if in doubt. Another 5 positive tests have been received by GS students since then, across almost all grade levels in the GS and including/affecting several siblings. The good news is that none of these students have been on campus this week, and an additional 30+ GS students opted to stay home on Wednesday, so we think we are on the backend of this localized outbreak.

Elsewhere in the school, we’ve had 3 upper school staff test positive in the past week. Reminder: in addition to completing the Absence Notification Form (or notifying your department chair), all students and employees must promptly report positive Covid test results to our School Nurse so that we have comprehensive and reliable information upon which to act.

Locally, the sharp downward trend of new hospitalizations has continued, just as happened with the prior two Covid surges:

Archive of 2020-2021 Covid Updates

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