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Mission, Vision & Philosophy

The Family Ministries department exists as a way to minister to families as they navigate the many different roles required of parents in a University-Model School. Our vision is for Family Ministries to exist as the hub of a small town. We want to help families build and strengthen their communities at the school, provide avenues for families to connect, serve and pray, and walk with families through times of joy and sadness. Our vision is not to replace the church but to be a full extension of the body of Christ at school. Family Ministries creates a safe space where parents’ needs are met by listening, sharing, and learning more about God’s role in their families, thus continuing to foster a school community rooted in faith and love. 

See details below about how our Family Ministries team exists to CELEBRATE, CONNECT, EQUIP and CARE for our families!




Meet Our Team

These four women have served as co-teachers and also served the school in many capacities, and they look forward to providing support, encouragement, and care as our families navigate their parenting and education journeys!  

Meet Our Team


Family Ministries has many unique and intentional events to CELEBRATE our families throughout the year. As we celebrate those in our community, we love the opportunity to provide ways for you to serve so that you can get to know other families.  

Learn About Our Celebrations


Family Ministries CARES for those in our Veritas community by organizing meals and prayer chains and meeting with students and parents to ensure positive partnerships.  We CARE for those outside our community through Veritas Shines by serving various organizations throughout the year.  

How We Care



Family Ministries works to EQUIP our families with tools needed for parenting, teaching, and raising Christ-centered children.  We offer one-on-one mentorship, weekly Bible Study, conferences, videos and an endless supply of resources from many of our leaders.  

Equipping Resources


We offer a few places for you to CONNECT on a deeper level.  Reflections and Connections is Wednesday & Thursday mornings (except on delayed start days) and Fireside Chats occur on the first Thursday of the month. See the school calendar for the dates of the upcoming events.

Learn About Our Gatherings

Contact Our Team

Do you need school@home or parenting strategies?  Would you like to learn more about our celebrations and how you can get involved?  Are you interested in coming to one of our gatherings or events, but you aren't quite sure where to jump in?  Do you have a need for prayer or meals? 

Contact Family Ministries

Meet Our Team

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    Christi Wilson

    Family Ministries Director
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    Molly Ingram

    Family Ministries Coordinator: Celebrations
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    Ashley Hood

    Family Ministries Coordinator: Caring, Equipping, and Connecting
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    Ellen Schuknecht

    Family Ministries Mentor
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    Amber-Rose Zimel

    Family Ministries Mentor
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    Amy Askew

    Family Ministries Mentor

Family Ministries Cares

Family Ministry Connection Gatherings



Fireside Chat occurs on the first Thursday of each month and allows parents the opportunity to gather in a safe space, building connections and sharing life with one another.


Reflections and Connections - Each Wednesday and Thursday morning, parents come together as a small group at 8:30 AM to spend time in the Word, pray, and reflect.  There is no prep, and all are welcome to join at any time! 

Prayer Team - Every Monday morning, our Prayer team meets at 8:30 AM to pray over the community, school, and individual needs of our Veritas families.  All are welcome to attend this small group, corporate prayer time.

Check the calendar for upcoming dates and announcements pertaining to these gatherings.

Family Ministries Celebrations

We have many celebrations each and every year to celebrate the many milestones of our families and our school:

  • Coffee on The Grounds
  • Tea on the Patio
  • Cheers and Tears
  • Fall Football Games
  • 12 Days of Giving Christmas Card Signing Party
  • Defender Date Night
  • Mother/Son Date Night
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • A Very Veritas Christmas
  • Last Day Of School Festivities
  • Graduation
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

For a complete list of our celebrations and ways you can join the action team for many of our Celebrations, check out our Traditions Page.

Resources to Help Equip You In Your Parenting and Co-Teaching

Bible Study

We offer a weekly Bible Study,  A 7 Week Walk Through Ephesians: "How to Study the Bible on your Own Without Needing to Use a Bible Study."  This study will be taught by Anna Melvin, and you will have homework between meetings.  Sign up Here.


Family Ministries offers one-on-one mentoring to help you reset as a teacher, leader, and parent.  To set up a conversation with a Family Mentor, fill out our mentorship form.


Each year Veritas offers an August retreat with a keynote speaker as well as leaders within our community who offer sessions to equip parents to teach, lead, and parent their children while embarking on the journey of a University-Model Education..

Videos and Books

*We have many Equipping Videos available on our Veritas Academy Family Ministries Facebook page as part of our Wisdom on Wednesday series.  

*The following books are recommended by Family Ministries:

Molding Hearts While Teaching and Parenting

Eight Great Smarts 

Love & Logic books 

Boundaries With Kids and Boundaries With Teens 

Loving your Kids on Purpos


Teaching from Rest 

Love Thy Body


Spiritual Growth for Parents

Knowledge of the Holy

Absolute Surrender


Spiritual Heritage 

Calm My Anxious Heart 

Upcoming Events

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