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We are thrilled to welcome you to the Veritas community!  We have a special team of parents who have a heart for welcoming new families and equipping them for our school through heartfelt prayer, kindness, and connection.  They remember what it's like to be new and want to come alongside you as you begin your Veritas experience.  Known as Sidekicks, these friendly individuals will serve as your go-to guides for how to have a great start at Veritas Academy.  They'll take it one step at a time, and you'll be set up for success!  Take a look at this short video to get a picture of what's in store for you as a new Veritas parent.

Meet Our New Family Welcome Team

Our welcome team consists of 36 volunteer Sidekicks who are excited and eager to connect with you.  In fact, you may have already received communications from them.  Expect an initial contact soon.  If you have children in multiple grade levels, you have access to all of those Sidekicks.  Our Sidekicks do want to be sensitive to your needs and not overwhelm you, so they will provide easy ways for you to also reach out with your questions.  They'll also be coordinating some meetups over the summer months.  These informal gatherings are wonderful ways for you and your students to make connections before school even begins.  Access our directory through your Family Portal login to contact your Sidekick!


Helpful Tips & Info

Navigating the Back-To-School Checklist

This helpful video walks you through the Back-To-School Checklist, showing you the features of the document and offering you some extra tips to make getting ready for school a breeze.  

Accessing the School Calendar

Planning and scheduling will be a breeze after you learn a few handy ways to access our School Calendar using this quick video.

Defender Date Night

Meet our wonderful Defender Date Night Parent Chair, Sarah Windham, as she shares the details of this year's event.  Secure your tickets today!  We look forward to enjoying this fun evening with you! 

Need a Sitter?

As Defender Date Night approaches, you may be thinking about coordinating care for your young children.  You might enjoy checking out the Veritas Babysitters Club on Facebook.  This informal group could be a helpful resource to get you connected with responsible young caregivers in our Veritas community.  Look in the Files section to get to know potential sitters.  Not on Facebook?  Reach out to your Sidekick or to Molly Ingram for assistance.    

New Family Welcome Workshop #1

Thank you for joining the New Family Welcome Workshop on Wed, Aug 4, at 11am via Zoom.  We walked through what to expect over the next couple of weeks before the first day of school. We also heard Molly's top five tips for a great start at Veritas. It was wonderful to see such a great turnout for this online event!  If you weren't able to attend, check out the recording below. Molly reached out individually via email regarding all questions posed in the chat. Reach out to your Sidekick with any follow-up questions you might have.  

New Family Welcome Workshop #2 

Thanks for joining us for our second New Family Welcome Workshop on Fri, Aug 20 at 9:30am via Zoom. In this gathering, Molly introduced you to our beloved Parent Mentor, Ellen Schuknecht, who shared an assortment of tips and ideas about how to have a manageable and successful schedule on your school@home days. She also shared a sample schedule to give you a practical and concrete example of what one co-teacher's school@home day might look like. Thank you for your patience with this recording--we are just grateful to have what we do to share! The first 6 minutes are just fine.  Then I recommend skipping to 8 minutes in and going from there, maybe even just listening to it like you would a podcast.  Technical difficulties tried to prevail, but we're thankful to have been able to put this together for you.  Reach out to Molly or Ellen with your questions. Thanks!  

Your Next Phase of New Family Support

While your New Family Welcome Team Sidekicks may continue to be a resource for you, we're excited to share the next phase of support we have for you as new families. Take a look at this brief video, where Molly Ingram walks you through additional support options now that you're starting to find your rhythm here at Veritas. You've learned so much, but we still want to give you plenty of support as you settle in with us! Reach out to Molly with any follow-up questions you might have. Grammar School families, feel free to reach out to Jessica Alguire with your questions about Homeroom Helpers or to see a list of who they are for each grade level.

What Is Fall Roundup?

When it comes to Fall Roundup, we're ALL new families this year!  In this special preview video, you'll hear Molly share all about our newest Veritas Tradition in Celebration: Fall Roundup! We hope you'll join us on Fri, Oct 22 at 5:30pm at Defender Field for an evening of fun for the whole family.  Grandparents are welcome, too! Bring a picnic blanket or camp chairs and plan to eat dinner on the grounds while you enjoy live music, sweet treats, corn hole, and more.  Kids will love an array of booths from "pony" races to cowboy hats to a bucking barrel!  Thank you for supporting Athletics, Spirit Teams, Fine Arts & SLR Class Trips with your attendance.   


Your New Family Welcome Team Sidekick is your go-to person for all things Veritas!  Feel free to reach out to Molly Ingram, your New Family Welcome Team Parent Chair as well.  Use the buttons below to access additional helpful resources.


Veritas Vocab

ELF \ˈɛlf\ curriculum. 1. Early Learning Foundations. 2. The primary math curriculum utilized in PreK and Kindergarten. It utilizes a neuro-developmental approach to build pathways in the early learner’s brain.

FACTS \fǽkts\ web portal. 1. FACTS SIS is the name of our Student Information System. 2. Formally called RenWeb.

FM, Family Ministries \fǽməli mɪ́nəstriz\ department. 1. Family Ministries exists to strengthen University-Model® families by partnering effectively with them, uniting with them around the school’s shared core values, and equipping parents in their efforts to establish homes that powerfully support mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Grade Level Exchanges \gréd lɛ́vəl ɪksčénǰəz\ event. 1. Grade Level Exchanges are hour-long forums hosted by the Head of the relevant school (GS, SL, or SR) and include both an update from the school and time for your input, feedback, and questions. Exchanges happen during both the fall and spring semesters.

GS \ǰí ɛ́s\ elementary school. 1. Grammar School. 2. PreSchool-4th Grade.

SL \ɛ́s ɛ́l\ middle school. 1. School of Logic. 2. Grades 5-8. [a. Lower SL: Grades 5-6 b. Upper SL: Grades 7-8]

SL/R \ɛ́s ɛ́l ár\ upper school. 1. Schools of Logic & Rhetoric. 2. Grades 5-12.

SR \ɛ́s ár\ high school. 1. School of Rhetoric. 2. Grades 9-12

Traditions \trədɪ́šənz\ volunteer group. 1. Traditions falls under the Family Ministries umbrella and is the namesake of our parent volunteer group. Through our Traditions in Service and Celebration, parents are able to get involved, build relationships, and serve together in our community.

VAA \vá\ administrators. 1. Veritas Academy Administrators. 2. VAA is comprised of our senior administrators who meet together weekly to collaboratively run the school. This executive team is led by the Head of School and includes each of our three School Heads, as well as the Directors of Operations, Advancement, Athletics, and Family Ministries.

Vault \vɔ́lt\ spirit store. 1. The Veritas Vault is the home of all Spirit and House Wear. The vault can be accessed any time through our website and orders are shipped directly to your door.

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