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We are thrilled to welcome you to the Veritas community!  We have a special team of parents who have a heart for welcoming new families and equipping them for our school through heartfelt prayer, kindness, and connection.  They remember what it's like to be new and want to come alongside you as you begin your Veritas experience.  Known as Sidekicks, these friendly individuals will serve as your go-to guides for how to have a great start at Veritas Academy.  They'll take it one step at a time, and you'll be set up for success!  Take a look at this short video to get a picture of what's in store for you as a new Veritas parent.

Meet Our New Family Welcome Team

Our welcome team consists of 36 volunteer Sidekicks who are excited and eager to connect with you.  In fact, you may have already received communications from them.  Expect an initial contact soon.  If you have children in multiple grade levels, you have access to all of those Sidekicks.  Our Sidekicks do want to be sensitive to your needs and not overwhelm you, so they will provide easy ways for you to also reach out with your questions.  They'll also be coordinating some meetups over the summer months.  These informal gatherings are wonderful ways for you and your students to make connections before school even begins.  Access our directory through your Family Portal login to contact your Sidekick!


Monthly Focus


Your New Family Welcome Team Sidekick is your go-to person for all things Veritas!  Feel free to reach out to Molly Ingram, your New Family Welcome Team Parent Chair as well.  Use the button below to access additional helpful Parent Resources.

Parent Resources       Family Portal Tutorials       FM Facebook Group