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Paideia 2020


The start of the school year may look a little different this year, but we remain committed to partnering with and preparing parents for a year of academic and spiritual growth in our families. Orientation & Paidiea are where it all begins! 

Paideia is the ongoing transmission of a cultural heritage of goodness, truth and beauty by impressing those values upon each generation, through discipline and instruction, with the telos (purpose, end, goal) of creating excellence and virtuous minds, body and souls. In short, Paideia is the disciplined crafting of a man—the whole man—in excellence and virtue. 

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Who should attend orientation on Mon, Aug 10? All new families (one parent + student), all 5th grade students (because they are new to the SL), and all new faculty members. Returning K & 9th graders will not attend this year.


PARKING & CHECK-IN: After parking in Lots B & C, all students, parents, and faculty will check-in for orientation at the carpool canopy. (If you are the parent of a returning 5th grader, you will need to park and walk with your child to the check-in tables.)

ATTIRE: Students should wear tennis shoes and dress comfortably for both indoor and outdoor activities. Parents and faculty should dress for air-conditioned meeting rooms and an optional tour of classrooms and a few outdoor features. 

SCREENINGS: Students and faculty should follow the protocol outlined in Veritas's Fall 2020 Campus Reopening Plan to self-screen (pg. 6-7) BEFORE coming to campus. All parents will be screened during check-in by a verbal screening questionnaire and temperature check. Please remember that masks must be worn by all 5th-12th grade students and adults during arrival (pg. 8).


The Head of School and Board President will welcome new families and teachers to Veritas Academy while introducing key leaders and personnel.

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Community is key at Veritas, and we are eager to connect new families and teachers to the unique history and values that have brought us together. This session will tell the story of how the school began, explain the foundational mission and vision that compelled the founders to begin this adventure, and describe other core attributes of our school community. 

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Where Do I Fit at Veritas? You are a unique person with gifts, talents, and wonderful personality that God designed. Now you're in a new school with new, well, everything and wondering how you and yours will fit in and become part of the Veritas family. In this practical session, we'll zero in on an assortment of ways to get involved in the Veritas community both informally and formally.

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Veritas 101 School Heads will familiarize new parents (and faculty) with procedures and traditions for their school level. Time will be reserved for Q&A.

School of Logic 101 @ 10:30am / passcode: CHm3Ap

SL 101

Grammar School 101 @ 11:15am / no passcode needed

GS 101

School of Rhetoric 101 @ 11:15am / passcode: 1FGKKV

   SR 101


Tours, Used Uniforms & Break Given the unique factors around this year's admissions season, many families have not yet had a chance to tour our campus. During this time, join a tour group to see classrooms and a few outdoor features. Please also take a moment to refill your coffee cup and connect with other parents and new friends! 

Lunch will be provided for parents and faculty via the Orientation Registration form and will give us an opportunity to visit with veteran parents and teachers as we share tips and tricks for the new school year. 

Students will be picked up after lunch in the courtyard. Don't forget to label their water bottle and lunch box to make sure you make it home with everything!

While this school year will look a bit different from previous years with the likely absence of some beloved celebrations and mile markers, Veritas is extremely well positioned to provide unique and meaningful experiences, deep learning opportunities, and side-by-side discipleship to our families, all while upholding the mission and values of Veritas that have brought us all together. So gather around the tv/computer as a family to watch Veritas Vision "Night", a pre-recorded video from our Head of School Jef Fowler, as he casts a vision for what Veritas will look like, prioritize, and build towards this school year. 


Join Christi Wilson and Ellen Schuknecht to learn about Veritas Family Ministries, a department devoted to YOU, our parents. We deeply value our parents and purpose to support and equip you in this vital partnership between school and home. You will learn about core values and wise practices that nurture faith and learning.

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Classical education is driven by the Ideal Type, and when the Ideal Type is ignored or lost, it is replaced by randomly chosen values from the Tao, such that students are confused and overwhelmed. If you'd like the previous sentence to make any sense to you, join AJ Hanenburg's talk, and he'll explain it... he says it's pretty easy!

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We long to see our children grow unshakable in their faith and character before they leave our homes, but could we be missing the mark a bit with an unintended message about self-sufficiency? Do they grow strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might (Ephesians 6:10) or do they leave trusting more in their own knowledge and skills? In this session Ellen Schuknecht introduces a roadmap for parents, from the earliest grades through graduation, with tips and ideas on how to raise children with unshakable faith and trust in God Almighty.

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While the school leads with academics, parents serve as the primary disciple-makers for their children, and the Family Ministry department is dedicated to supporting you in this role. In this session Christi and Ellen will share effective ways to reach and influence the hearts of your children and not merely address their outward behaviors. 

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The fast-pace of American life rubs against much of what classical education seeks to accomplish. Troy Schuknecht will lead this session encouraging families to slow-down and to create margin in their lives for thought, discussion, and enjoyment of the learning experience.

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Each person is created with core needs, which if left unattended, result in insecurity and loneliness. Also, each individual is created with varying strengths and learning styles. When we understand how God created each of us uniquely to learn and process the world, we foster a healthy identity and motivation for growing and learning. During this session, Ellen provides valuable tips and suggested resources for understanding how to meet core needs and recognize how each of our children learn.  

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Parents and Grammar School students are welcome to stop by between 1:30-4pm to meet their child(ren)'s teacher(s) before the school year begins. This is a great opportunity to find your classroom and introduce yourself to our teachers! 



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