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Week Fourteen Update & Area Numbers

November 20, 2020
By Jef Fowler, HOS

Week 14 Covid Update & Area Numbers

If you’ve seen the news this week, then you already know how badly things have been trending with Covid in the Austin area recently. Not as bad as the rest of the state, but sharply worse than what we had been experiencing this fall, as the charts below testify.

Yesterday, Austin Public Health lowered the staging thresholds for Stages 4 and 5 and then promptly declared the area to again be in Stage 4. But even if the old criteria of 40 new hospitalizations per day (instead of the new standard of 30 per day, both measured by the trailing 7-day moving average) were in effect, Stage 4 was imminent with recent daily rates of new hospitalizations topping 40/day. The practical effect of Stage 4 is that most establishments are encouraged to lower their capacities to 25-50%, nonessential travel is discouraged, and schools are asked to consider restricting attendance at athletic events to just the players, coaches, and players’ families. There are no recommendations that schools─especially private schools─consider closing. In fact, the CDC Director suggests that all schools remain open as they are among the safest places for children to be (his words).

Our experience at Veritas continues to support this conclusion as, to date, we’ve had only one positive test-confirmed case among students this fall and no known occasion of transmission to students at school. We are hoping and praying that this continues between the upcoming holidays and then into the spring semester, so please do whatever you can reasonably do to continue to keep Veritas covid-free. 


As of Thu, Nov 19



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