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Traditions is an important part of Family Ministries, providing a canopy for the many Veritas Traditions in Service and Traditions in Celebration that make our community special. Under the shade of Traditions, Veritas parents (both moms & dads!) can get get involved, build relationships, and model the values of a Veritas Valiant for our children to see!

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Traditions in Service

Veritas Academy appreciates hospitality and other special assistance from its parents for these important events:
  • New Family Orientation/Paideia PreConference
  • Paideia Conference & Camp
  • Welcome Wednesdays and Open Houses for Prospective Families
  • Vision Night Reception
  • State of the School Reception
  • School Picture Days 
  • Senior Graduation Night

Reach out to if you're interesting in helping with one of these events. 


Paul says in Galatians 6:2 that we are to “bear one another’s burdens.”  As brothers and sisters in Christ, our Care Team's focus is to serve one another in times of need.  Whether the need is great or small, we have a team of servants ready to join with you and joyfully offer aid whenever and however it is needed.

Reach out to if you'd like to lend a helping hand this year.     


Veritas SHINES’ goal is to provide opportunities for Veritas students, parents, and faculty to impact our community for the glory of God as we train our children to become selfless, servant leaders who are prepared, assured and poised.

Veritas SHINES


Our Prayer Team exists to bring the prayer requests of the Veritas Academy body of Believers before the throne of our Heavenly Father.  When a request becomes known to our team, we bring the need before the throne corporately and individually.  Corporately, we meet once each week to pray over our families, faculty, administrators, board of directors, and students.  Additionally, we communicate throughout the week, sharing the immediate needs of our families.  We commit to pray individually until we gather each week to pray.  A prayer guide for parents and families to utilize together may be found in each weekly school memo which will highlight a theme and Scriptures to pray over the school, and the team prays through this guide in each weekly gathering as well.  Families can rest assured that if a need arises and is brought before the team, we will pray.  Any and all are welcome to join the Prayer Team, and attendees are not expected to pray aloud.  All parents from all denominations are welcome, but to keep our unity, we follow the ACTS form of prayer through adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. 

Reach out to if you'd like to be connected with the Prayer Team.   


Defender Dads is a fellowship of spiritual and social fathers who strive to strengthen the Veritas community by example.   Our goal is to lift each other up so that we may be impactful for our family, school, church and community.  Dads will learn from other dads who have already "been there, done that"!  There are many ways to become involved in Defender Dads including: attending social events, helping coordinate groups to support Veritas, volunteering for work projects at school or in the community, working the concessions stand at football games, discipling our children, and working the year end cookout.  Our children, wives and community witness this fellowship as an example of what a dad should be.  

  • Upcoming events (dates TBD):
  • - Start of school year happy hour
  • - Movie Night
  • - Work days on campus
  • - Dads On Campus (DOC) 
  • - Football concessions
  • - Monthly group meetings

Please contact Andy Brawley  if you are not currently receiving e-mails or are interested in leading various initiatives this year. 


Grandparents are an important part of the Veritas community! They are supporters of our students and parents in many ways, and our desire is to invite them to be involved in their grandchildren’s school and the Veritas community. Veritas is committed to families, and we desire for all generations of our community to become Defenders. We hope to create a grandparent-friendly campus, with unique and ongoing activities to engage our grandparent community.

Defender Grands Events:
  • Grandparents/Family Night Football Game — Honor our Defender Grands at a home game. 
  • Christmas/End of Year Assembly   

To learn more about Defender Grands, email  


Fast growing children and students graduating from one grade to the next often leave us with uniform pieces and curriculum with lots of life left in them. We work to make it easy for families to buy and sell used items throughout the year, as they’re needed, to help our families keep costs down and clutter at a minimum.

Families are welcome to sell their items in our Facebook group (linked below) or drop them off at one of our live sales throughout the year. We generally hold 3 - 4 sales throughout the school year with all the available items displayed so you can see them in real life and even have your student try them on if necessary.

To place an item for sale on Facebook, just photograph, list it, and arrange for delivery or pickup once purchased. (This happens between the seller and interested party only.)

To place an item for sale at one of the live sales, simply wash, dry, and hang your item. Safety pin a self-addressed, stamped envelope to your item with the asking price written on it. (If you’d prefer to receive payment via PayPal or Venmo, you may choose to pin a piece of paper with your handle and sales price instead of an envelope.) At the end of the sale, the envelopes are mailed out and you should receive your check or cash in the mail within a day or two! Unless you choose to come collect your item at the end of the sale, it will be stored with all the other pieces until the next sale. We will keep hanging it out until it sells!

We do need a little bit of help with live sales! Each sale requires a few volunteers to help hang uniforms out and then a few more to help pack everything up and return to storage when the sale is over (It takes about 30 minutes to set up and about 45 minutes to breakdown and return to storage). 

If you'd like more information about this Tradition, contact  


Freshly combed hair and crisp chapel uniforms mark our School Picture Days!  Our parents definitely show extra effort in having their kids ready for individual and group picture days, but when their actual picture takes place, it's sure nice to have a couple of doting parents present to straighten ties and adjust unruly hair bows.  Great for a couple of longtime friends or an excellent way to meet a new friend, School Picture Day volunteers give parents peace of mind and teachers some extra helping hands on this quick yet momentous part of the school year.  

Reach out to if you'd like to lend a hand during one of our individual or group picture days.    


Mrs. Ligon, our amazing librarian, has an excellent system of textbook organization in place for our school.  She just needs a few detail-oriented parents to assist with collecting books at the end of the year.  This is a great way to interact with a large number of our parents and students while taking care of our important resources.  

Contact if you'd like to volunteer on a textbook collection day.    

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”

Romans 15:7 (ESV)

Being the new kid (or parent!) on campus can be a challenge.  The New Family Welcome Team recognizes this and seeks to intentionally focus on welcoming families to Veritas Academy through heartfelt prayer, kindness, and connection.  This friendly team of parents knows how new families feel and seeks to ease this transition.  

If you'd like to explore this Tradition, contact


Homeroom Helpers are an important link between the teacher and the other parents. We desire to be a resource for asking questions, a point of organization for the activities specific to each class, and an encouragement to our staff and our co-teachers. There is one Homeroom Helper for each section throughout the grammar school. 


Wouldn't you like to participate in what many kids deem their favorite part of school: Lunch and Recess?  The Veritas community has a special opportunity to be involved in any given school day by volunteering to monitor lunch and recess in the Grammar School.  Families are asked to spend two hours serving our children by opening yogurt tubes, reading notes from Mom,  observing how the kids interact with their peers, and enjoying our beautiful new campus.  Each family should commit to two days for each GS student in their family.  We welcome moms, dads, and/or grandparents to take on this necessary role in our Veritas community.  

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Great memories are made on field trip days!  Your classroom teacher will be in contact with your class about opportunities to chaperone for grade level field trips.  Homeroom Helpers are also a great resource to learn more about what field trips are like for your specific grade level. 


GS students enjoy special grade level events that relate to the subjects they are studying.  You will hear about these fun educational events through your classroom teacher.  You're also welcome to reach out to your Homeroom Helper for more information.   


So many of our students here at Veritas participate in Athletics. However, our athletic department would not function well without you,
 the parent volunteers! There are plenty of opportunities to get plugged in, and not only support your student, but the entire team. Choose an area that highlights your strengths and abilities. Sign-ups include things like being a team parent, running the scoreboard and clock, manning home game gates, creating goodie bags for athletes, planning fun team activities with the coaches, carpooling, and various other opportunities. Come be a part of what the Lord is doing in our athletic program, and take part in the fun! To learn more about Athletic Volunteer opportunities, please contact

Athletics Sign-Ups


Care to keep your resume and skills up while blessing a teacher?  You'll be blessed as well when you choose to substitute teach.  It will offer you a glimpse into what is ahead in your child's Veritas future.  It will tie you into better connections with both students and staff.  It will add something to your resume as it is a paying position, but unlike most paid jobs, you have control over when you want to be a substitute.  You also have the ability as a substitute to chose the areas of interest you'd like to sub in.  

Perhaps you are skilled as an engineer, a marketer, a nurse, a doctor, a scientist, or an archeologist... Veritas offers classes you would have a blast subbing in.  Maybe you always loved art or history or math or science, please consider sharing your passion with the Veritas community in this way.  Maybe you are looking for a way to change your career path or set one up?  Substitute teaching could be a fabulous option!  Simply go sign up to be on the sub list.  Be sure to mark the areas you are interested in, and go be a blessing in this community while you find yourself being tremendously blessed right back!

For more details, reach out to

Traditions in Celebration


Defender Date Night is the premier Veritas parent community event. Our parents spend a lot of their time working, shuffling kids, checking homework, attending meetings, keeping a household - basically just being parents. Defender Date Night recognizes our need to just kick back, relax and have fun.

Known simply as DDN, this event occurs Friday evening at the end of Paideia week and provides parents and faculty a chance to fellowship and celebrate. Last year's DDN kickstarted friendships between new and returning families through a variety of activities, including dinner, dancing, games and conversation. It's a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with something for everyone. 

If you'd like to be part of organizing this special event, reach out to


First day jitters fade away as we gather to enjoy a breakfast treat and cover our children, teachers, and school in prayer!  If you'd like to be part of organizing this special event, reach out to   


Each football season Veritas families are invited to a special Defender Family Night.  Grade levels with the highest attendance within each school win a dress down day for their participation!  Students also get to form a fan tunnel for the Varsity football boys.  Crafty Defenders create shields at our decoration station, and GS Mini Cheer Campers perform during the 2nd quarter.  To top things off, all Defender Grands receive an admission discount for the game.  You won't want to miss Defender Family Night!  To learn more about this event, contact  


The week before Homecoming, the Veritas Community gathers to commence a new tradition in the spirit of our beloved Fall Fest from years past—Fall Roundup! Families head to Defender Field for a pre-game event full of live music, dinner, treats, photo ops, booths, and the long-standing tradition of a community cakewalk!

Defender Dads will have the grills fired up, and our School of Logic and School of Rhetoric students will man the booths and raise money to support Athletics, Fine Arts, and 5th-11th Grade class trips.


When new families join our Veritas community, we want to welcome them well and be a consistent encouragement throughout the year. 

The New Family Welcome Team will host 3 special events for new co-teachers/parents to renew their teaching spirits and revisit any questions they may have as they are in the midst of the year. Each event will offer a good time to share triumphant “wow” moments and ask the “what?! ” questions. Come join us in giving our first year families a warm welcome. 

To learn more or offer your help with these events, reach out to  


Teacher Appreciation Luncheons are organized and hosted by Veritas families for teachers, administrators, staff, and board members three times during the school year during the fall, spring, and end of the year. The purpose of these luncheons is to honor those who work tirelessly alongside parents to teach and train our children. Parents are encouraged to contribute hot meals as well as serve faculty and staff during the luncheon. Any Veritas parent may contribute to a luncheon by responding to sign-ups circulated through the Veritas Memo, Veritas Moms Meetup on Facebook, or through the Veritas Academy Family Ministries Facebook group. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by our faculty, staff, and board.


From academic and athletic banquets to awards ceremonies to graduation, Veritas Academy loves to recognize its students toward the end of each year.  If you'd enjoy lending a hand during these types of special events, reach out to


Our Schools of Logic and Rhetoric enjoy lively social opportunities through our smart, fun and caring Student Life team.  Additionally, Veritas fathers and daughters look forward to the annual spring favorite, the Daddy Daughter Dance, for an evening of precious connection. And, this year, mothers & sons will join the excitement with their very first Mother/Son event. If you'd like to offer your help with events like these, reach out to

Email us if you have questions or would like to get involved in our Traditions:

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