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Covid Updates from our Head of School

The mission and vision of Veritas Academy has remained unchanged since the founding of the school and is rooted in partnership. We continue to believe that together we are better, and this is at the forefront of our minds as we navigate this school year's many moving pieces.

Our primary objective for the 2020-2021 school year is to maximize in-person, on-campus instruction for our students, conducted in a manner that is as safe as reasonably and practically possible for both our kids and their teachers. Striking this balance will not be the easiest thing we attempt this year, and yet we believe it is possible as we remain committed to supporting the safety of our community and upholding the mission and values of Veritas Academy that have brought us together.

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Week 28 Covid Update & Area Numbers

March 26, 2021
By Jef Fowler, HOS

Week 28 COVID Recap

This week at Veritas─and for the fourth consecutive week, unfortunately─we’ve received a single report of a positive Covid test among the SR student body; however, this particular student has not been on campus all week, so s/he has not been in close contact with any classmates or teachers. 

In the broader Austin area, the continuing descent of new Covid cases is encouraging, with the 7-day moving average dropping to its lowest level in five months; however, the rate of new hospital admissions has edged up slightly over the past week and a half. Nevertheless, Austin still remains solidly in Stage 3. 

And, per Austin Public Health, the rate of partially to fully vaccinated people age 16 and older in our area has now climbed to 30% of the population. As of next Monday, all adults in Texas will be eligible to receive a Covid vaccine, though demand still greatly exceeds the supply...and we still have several faculty and staff members at Veritas waiting to receive their immunization appointments, in spite of being in a prioritized category for several weeks now.

Finally, Kelsey Leyendecker continues to make steady progress in her recovery. Please keep the prayers coming for her and her family.

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