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Give & Thanks Fund

Give & Thanks Fund

Every holiday season, Veritas families have the opportunity to thank our faculty and staff through the Give & Thanks Fund. The Give & Thanks Fund is collected throughout November and early December, then given -- along with your thank you notes -- to our talented team at their Christmas gathering.  By collectively contributing to the fund, our gifts are combined and maximized to bless each teacher.
You are Invited 

We invite you to be part of this Veritas tradition and to help make 2018 our best gift yet! It's easy:

1) Give a Gift (Online and School Offices)
- and -
2) Send your Thanks (Print a card or make your own)
2018 Deadline - Wed, Dec 13

To ensure all gifts and cards are received in time for the faculty and staff Christmas gathering, the last day to contribute and drop off cards in any of our three school offices is Wednesday, December 13.


The Give & Thanks Fund is a tradition at Veritas Academy that allows our community to give towards a combined and maximized Christmas gift for all faculty and staff. This tradition saves our families time that they would have spent picking out holiday treats and gifts, minimizes the amount of trinkets our teachers receive each year, and blesses our team in a way that directly impacts their own families. 

Honestly, the Give & Thanks Fund is more meaningful when personal notes of thanks are written and/or created by families and students. A thank you template has been created for your convenience, but you are welcome to make or buy any card that you would like to give to your teacher. Simply drop off your card in any of the school's offices, and we will give all cards along with the Give & Thanks check to each faculty and staff member. 

The Give & Thanks Fund is a way to bless all of our faculty and staff, so gifts cannot be designated for specific individuals. However, giving is only one of the two ways that make our tradition so special, and teachers will receive all thank you notes and cards along with their gift. Please take time to write a thank you or have your student create a card to show your how specific teachers and staff members have blessed your family this school year.

Absolutely! While we desire to bless our team with a gift that blesses them and their families financially during the Christmas season, your words of thanks and encouragement are the very reasons our faculty and staff love our community so much. Please, please, please write a card and send your thanks whether or not you are able to make a gift this year. Please!

Quick Links
Click here to make your gift online by Wednesday, December 13.
You can print a thank you card here and drop if off in either school office before Wednesday, December 13.

Contact Information
Sharla de Frere
Parent Coordinator
Allison Malone

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