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Add/Drop Forms for the 2020-2021 School Year


 Used to add or drop any¬† Academic courses and electives that are not considered a team sport in the Athletic department.    

Now open for the 2020-2021 school year.
Add/Drops may only be submitted by a parent. Before adding an elective,
parents should make sure there are seats available by clicking on Elective Availability
If you need add/drop forms for the 2019-2020 (current) school year, please email our Registrar.

Add/Drop Deadlines and Penalties

We understand that circumstances may arise that present the need to add or drop a course, elective or sport. As such, we have provided convenient online Add/Drop Request forms for parents to access and submit to the Registrar for approval. Families should consider both the Financial and Academic Deadlines before any Add/Drop Request is submitted. (see list below)

Each type of add or drop has specific deadlines that we must adhere to due to staffing and class section decisions that were made according to enrollment on a specific date. Please thoroughly read through the Financial Policies that were included in your annual Enrollment/Reenrollment Packet before proceeding with an add/drop request. We must adhere to strict add/drop deadlines and no refunds will be issued past the posted deadlines.


Courses may be added no later than the end of the second full week of classes/practices, provided that space is available and that the course instructor/coach consents.  Once the addition is approved by the Registrar, the tuition will be added to the family’s FACTS account, and the student may begin attending the class/practice. There is no additional fee, other than the cost of the course/sport itself, for adding a course/sport.


Space in electives usually fills, and several will have waiting lists.  Families may check elective openings at any time during the year via Parent Resources > Office of the Registrar on the school website. The Registrar will also post elective openings in the School Memo as the Drop Deadlines approach.  Equally-priced courses may be exchanged without financial penalty if space allows.  If there is a variation in price, the difference will be applied to the Family Tuition Statement.

A change in course level before the course begins should be initiated through the online Add/Drop Request.  If a student wishes to change course levels (e.g., from AP to non-AP in SR) after a course has begun, the student and a parent must first meet with the current teacher to assess the need.  If the teacher agrees with the change, the family may proceed with the online Add/Drop Request and walk through all necessary approvals as guided by the Registrar.  The student is required to continue with the current course until the Registrar has approved the change and notified all parties.


Courses may be dropped without penalty within the deadlines listed below.  Courses in SL may not be dropped once in session without the prior approval of the Head of SL.  Courses in SR may not be dropped without the prior approval of the College & Academic Advisors, as well as the Department Head and Head of SR when necessary.  The Registrar will guide the family in seeking all necessary approvals. Should the student/family insist on dropping a course without approval, the student will not be allowed to remain on campus during the dropped class period.

After the deadlines listed below, no tuition will be refunded unless the drop is required by Veritas Administration.

More information regarding financial policies, deadlines, and course prerequisites:

Office of the Registrar page


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