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Absence/Tardy Notification Form

The form below communicates your child's tardy or absence, whether it's for a single class period or for multiple days, with the school and attendance office.  Upon submitting this form, PreS-8th grade teachers will automatically be notified of your child's absence. However, after parents submit this notice to the school/attendance office, all 8-12th grade students are responsible for emailing their teachers directly. 

*Please note, parents should complete this notification, not students.

Attendance Policies & FAQs

Parents and students, please familiarize yourself with the Attendance Policies laid out in our Student and Parent Handbook and see the FAQs below.

Use the handy Absence/Tardy Notification Form located on the Parents page on the website or in the Veritas app. ALL absences or tardies need to be submitted using this form.

Absence/Tardy Notification Form

The Absence/Tardy Notification Form will automatically email the teachers for grades PreS-8, even allowing the parent to write an email to teachers within the form. However, ALL 8-12th grade students must ALSO email their teachers in addition to a parent submitting the Notification Form. This is a crucial part of our students taking on more responsibility as they get older.

As much as possible, please try to schedule these appointments during your child(ren)'s home days or during an off-period for your older students. If your child has an appointment during the day, parents must check their child out at the 2nd-floor Reception desk or in the Grammar School Office in order for their child to leave campus. Students who drive to school are allowed to sign themselves out at the 2nd-floor and leave on their own, but they must sign back in when returning to campus. 

All appointments, including medical and driver's license appointments, are considered planned absences. This means that work for any missed class(es) must be turned in prior to the absence. Any work not turned in will receive a grade of zero.

We prefer for families to use school breaks as a time to take family trips. Our classroom time on campus is so valuable and we'd like your child(ren) to be present for all classroom days. 

However, if you do go out of town, as noted in our Attendance Policies of the Student Handbook, student work must be turned in ahead of time, communication with each teacher is required before departing, and the Absence/Tardy Notification Form must be submitted. Vacation or “days off” are considered planned absences. 

Absence forms submitted after you have already left for vacation and not turned in student work are not acceptable and the student will receive a zero on any assignments missed during the vacation.

Excused Absences   (A-EX and A-SR)

  • Illness or Injury (with Absence form submitted)
  • Planned vacation or day off  (with Absence form submitted ahead of time AND all student work turned in)
  • Planned appointment  (with Absence form submitted ahead of time AND all student work turned in)
  • School-related absence for sports or fine arts competition
  • Family emergencies  (example - death in the family)

An excused absence is only entered after the Absence/Tardy Notification Form has been submitted. An excused absence only means that the student has/will  turn in work ahead of the absence.


Unexcused Absences  (A)

  •  Going on vacation or taking a day off without turning in work ahead of time
  •  Skipping school
  •  Planned appointments where work was not turned in ahead of time

    An unexcused absence will be marked as "A" in attendance and is an indication that a parent has not submitted the Absence Notification Form OR that the work for a planned absence was NOT turned in ahead of time. Any classwork for the day of their absence or work that was due in class will receive a "0" in the grade book. 


The Absence Notification Form cannot be submitted for an absence that occurred more than 48 hours prior.


Please refer to the student handbook for this important information. ALL absences, whether they are planned or unplanned, excused or unexcused, count towards the allowed number of absences.

For high school credit-bearing courses, please refer to the Excessive Absences Chart to see how many absences are allowed in each course. If the maximum number of absences for a course is exceeded, the final grade in the course will be lowered. 

Absence/Tardy Notification Form

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