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FAQs: Course Catalog and Course Request Period

What is the Course Catalog? 

The Veritas Academy Course Catalog is our annual listing of courses that will be available for the indicated academic year. The courses are divided by school (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric) and then broken down within each school level by course type. (core, elective, special services, etc.) 

How do I know the price associated with each course?  

Veritas tuition is flat-rate, so the only courses with an extra fee are Athletics, One-hour Electives for PreK and Kindergarten and Friday GS options. Tuition & Fees can be found here.

Will I need to make a tuition payment when I complete Course Requests?

No, your first tuition payment will be due according to the payment plan your family chose during Online Enrollment. Tuition Statements for each family will be created after Course Requests and emailed to families. Tuition payment information will be communicated to your family via our Accounting office.

How do I find out who the instructor is for a course?  

Instructors are finalized by our HR department during the spring and summer months. Instructors' names will appear in the Family Portal next to the course names when student schedules are released during the summer. Families will be notified when schedules are finalized, usually August 1st.

How do I actually register my students for the course?

The course catalog is released prior to Course Request Day (March 6) to give Veritas families time to look through the course offerings, meet with an advisor, and make choices for your family for the next school year. Course Request Planning Forms are helpful during this time to assist you in making some choices before online Course Requests open. When online course requesting begins, we encourage you to start with your oldest child's requests first since some Logic fine arts courses and Rhetoric electives fill up quickly. ​​​​​ The morning of Course Request Day your family will receive an email with links to the course request forms, which will open at 8pm.

What do I do if I have a question during the actual online Course Request process? 

Please email our Registrar, Jennifer Stewart, with any Course Request questions.

How do I get a private advising appointment for my rising 8th-12th grader for next year's course selections?

Our Advisors visit all School of Rhetoric Leadership classes for group advising.  All rising 9-12th graders and new 8-12th grade students should meet individually with one of our college advisors.  Next year's seniors are required to attend a one-on-one advising session with our college advising department.  Please email our Academic Advising department to make an appointment prior to course request day.

How do I know what time a class will meet?

Our best efforts are made to release specific course schedules as soon as possible. In the meantime, we do have general course schedules in place so families may see when core courses and electives will be held each day. School Memos will always contain the latest information regarding schedule releases.

What if I don't get a spot in a course I requested for next year?

Core subjects always have room for students with the exception of some of our upper-level Science courses, which may only have one section available. Priority in these Sciences is given to Seniors and to Juniors who have an interest in a Science-related college major. Electives, however, are limited in space, and students are placed in electives based on several factors (graduation requirement, class level of student, and time-stamp of your online request form). Students who request an elective that has filled to capacity will be notified and placed on a waiting list for that elective. Waiting list students are notified when a spot becomes available. We encourage you to have at least two choices of electives for any given semester. 

How do I know what books and supplies I will need for each course?

The Books and Resources List is built separately from the Course Catalog. When all curriculum and textbooks are finalized by our Academic Team, Veritas families will be notified that the list has been published on our school website. This list is published toward the end of the current school year and emailed to families via the School Memo.

Can you explain some of the terms I keep hearing and reading at this time of year?

Absolutely! Below are some common terms that you'll hear at Veritas Academy during the spring months as we begin the (re-)enrollment and course request season for next year.

(Re-)enrollment: This is the time period where Veritas families make the commitment that they will be returning next year.  Online Enrollment is completed, which lets us know how many returning students to expect, as well as how many spots we have open for new applicants. This is not when you choose courses for your students; this is reserving your seat(s).

Course Request Planning: Once (Re-)enrollment is completed, families have time to peruse the new course catalog, meet with an advisor, and prepare a planning sheet for each student.

Course Request Opening Day: This is the actual day that Online Course Requests open for all Veritas families. 

Course Request Period: The days that course requesting is open online. 

Core Subject: A core subject is any class that is not an elective. These include English, History, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Language, and Discipleship/Leadership. These classes usually meet for three hours per week and, for School of Rhetoric students, are year-long and count as a full credit toward graduation requirements.

Elective: An elective is a course that is not a core subject. Electives are taken in Rhetoric to satisfy graduation requirements as well. We are proud of our vast offering of electives at Veritas Academy, many of which you will not find at other schools!

Course vs. Class:  A course is the overall subject being taught. For example - BIOLOGY is a course. A class is one particular section of that course. There may be three or four classes (sections) of a course, but together they all make up the course that is being taught.  

You will always receive the most up to date information regarding enrollment and course requests in the School Memo sent each Friday.

If you have further questions regarding the course request process, please contact our Registrar, Jennifer Stewart