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Enrollment & Financial Policies

Online Enrollment in the Family Portal consists of the annual and contractual requirements bulleted here, and is to be completed by the deadlines outlined below.

  • Parent update of student demographic and medical information, along with family demographic information
  • Parent acknowledgement of the Student Activity Participation Consents & Release of Liability, the Statement of Parent Responsibility, and the Conciliation Agreement
  • Declaration of a FACTS Tuition Payment Plan for the next school year
  • Payment of all Non-refundable, Annual Enrollment Fees
  • Submission of Birth Certificate and Immunization Records for new students

NOTE: As Veritas invites new families to enroll based on the number of openings per grade, any delays to the completion of the steps above may result in forfeiture of your student’s seat for the next school year.  Enrollment will be considered incomplete for current families that have an outstanding balance from any previous school year until payment of the outstanding balance is made in full, unless separate arrangements are contracted with the Veritas Controller.


NOTE: New families will be accepted to Veritas Academy in multiple rounds throughout the spring (and summer). As such, the Advancement Office will communicate detailed instructions to all new families regarding the timeline and due dates for enrollment and tuition. Families can anticipate a one- to two-week window between completing the enrollment/course request processes and making their first tuition payment via FACTS. 

Annual Enrollment Fees

The annual enrollment fee (a consolidation of previously charged fees for enrollment, student & family ministries, and facilities) is nonrefundable and collected through STEP ONE of enrollment, via an ACH payment. For details regarding fees, please see Tuition & Fees for 2020-2021


Tuition Payment Plans

All tuition payments are nonrefundable and are collected through FACTS Tuition Management. During STEP ONE of enrollment, parents will select one of three tuition payment plan options to pay the total tuition established during STEP TWO: 


Tuition paid in full to FACTS in April; no additional fee assessed to pay in full


Tuition paid to FACTS in April & August; FACTS may assess a small fee for this option


Tuition paid to FACTS in equal installments each month in April through February; FACTS may charge a small fee for this option

Installments are due on the 1st of each month but may be scheduled with FACTS for payment in early or mid month. FACTS will assess a missed payment fee for late or returned payments. Families that miss payments with FACTS are encouraged to proactively contact FACTS directly to determine the reason for the missed payment and to correct any issues.  School approval is required for any changes to the payment amount or date and must be received at least 3 business days prior to the date of the scheduled payment.

Enrollment After March

Most new families will complete the two-step enrollment process after March. While families are still able to select the monthly installment payment plan for their students’ tuition, the number of installments will be determined by how many months there are from the first payment through February. 

Additionally, while Veritas rarely accepts a new student after the school year begins, there are occasions when administration may determine that a student and family can jump right in with familiarity to all three components of the Classical, Christian, and University-Model approach. In such instances, the new family will be admitted and will be liable for payment of all fees and tuition in accordance with our tuition payment plans. No portion of the Non-refundable, Annual Enrollment Fee or Family Tuition Statement will be prorated for late matriculation into the school.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance (TA) may be offered to Veritas families who demonstrate financial need.  Any enrolled family can apply for TA by the published deadline (which generally aligns with Course Request submissions). Veritas utilizes FACTS Tuition Management as an unbiased, independent, third-party service to process TA applications; the school does not review individual applications.  FACTS assesses each applicant's financial need and then reports to the Veritas Finance Committee its recommendation of how TA proceeds should be divided among all applicants.  TA funds are limited each year, and awards are made until the funds run out. Click here for details of the TA program.

Tuition Refund Policies for Full Withdrawal from Veritas Academy

As with annual fees, tuition payments are also nonrefundable with one exception. For families who have prepaid tuition for a fully withdrawing student, a refund may be requested for the portion of tuition paid in excess of what would have been due, as of the date of the withdrawal (as properly submitted to the school’s Accounting Department), had the family elected to pay in monthly installments. 

For example, a student fully withdrawals from the school in June, after tuition was paid in full in April: that student would be eligible for a refund of all but 3/11ths of his/her prepaid tuition since that is the amount that would have been due by then (for April, May, and June) had the family elected to pay in monthly installments. Because payments are due on the 1st of the month, a student is liable for a month’s tuition payment if s/he is enrolled for any portion of that month.

Delinquent Tuition Policies

If a family becomes delinquent in paying their tuition, fees, and related financial obligations to the school, the enrollment status of their student(s) is threatened. Responsibility for communication in these circumstances lies with each family, which should proactively reach out to the school’s Accounting office to address the situation. Failure to communicate with the Accounting office will necessitate the involvement of the Head of School and/or Finance Committee and result in student removal from all extracurriculars and class trips, the disabling of a family’s RenWeb/FACTS SIS account, and possibly removed from all courses.

Appeals to the Enrollment & Financial Policies

All appeals to these Enrollment & Financial Policies must be made in writing, addressed to the Veritas Academy Finance Committee, and emailed to our Controller at Appeals may necessitate a face-to-face meeting with the Head of School and/or Finance Committee.  Only appeals based on circumstances that are extremely unusual, unforeseeable, and unavoidable and from students/families who are in good standing with the school will be considered.  Appeals are rarely granted as the school has relied upon the financial commitments of its families in order to make financial commitments of its own, almost none of which are reduced as a result of student withdrawals.


Add/Drop Policies and Deadlines

The online Add/Drop Request form is located on the Veritas website under Parent Resources > Office of the Registrar.  

Courses may be added no later than the end of the second full week of classes/practices, provided that space is available and that the course instructor/coach consents.  Once the addition is approved by the Registrar, the tuition will be added to the family’s FACTS account, and the student may begin attending the class/practice. There is no additional fee, other than the cost of the course/sport itself, for adding a course/sport.


Space in electives usually fills, and several will have waiting lists.  Families may check elective openings at any time during the year via Parent Resources > Office of the Registrar on the school website. The Registrar will also post elective openings in the School Memo as the Drop Deadlines approach.  Equally-priced courses may be exchanged without financial penalty if space allows.  If there is a variation in price, the difference will be applied to the Family Tuition Statement.

A change in course level before the course begins should be initiated through the online Add/Drop Request.  If a student wishes to change course levels (e.g., from AP to non-AP in SR) after a course has begun, the student and a parent must first meet with the current teacher to assess the need.  If the teacher agrees with the change, the family may proceed with the online Add/Drop Request and walk through all necessary approvals as guided by the Registrar.  The student is required to continue with the current course until the Registrar has approved the change and notified all parties.


Courses may be dropped without penalty within the deadlines listed below.  Courses in SL may not be dropped once in session without the prior approval of the Head of SL.  Courses in SR may not be dropped without the prior approval of the College & Academic Advisors, as well as the Department Head and Head of SR when necessary.  The Registrar will guide the family in seeking all necessary approvals. Should the student/family insist on dropping a course without approval, the student will not be allowed to remain on campus during the dropped class period.

After the deadlines listed below, no tuition will be refunded unless the drop is required by Veritas Administration.

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