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Fine Arts Department

The fine arts are part of God’s creation. As such, fine arts are intended to bring glory to our Heavenly Father. Christians are commanded to be different from the world around them, and this should be reflected in our performers. We must teach our students to perform and to live life from a Christian perspective rather than man’s perspective. Fine arts from a Christian perspective should have several distinct characteristics that when followed allow us as directors, performers, and audience members to bring glory to God. These distinctions are drawn from God’s Word and, therefore, may be different from the world’s viewpoint. It is vital that each Christian performer, director, and audience member be willing to submit, make changes, grow, and mature so that God will be pleased. Christ is to be the center of all our attention, both on and off the stage. We are to have His attitudes, His actions, and His mind set in every endeavor.

Fine Arts Mission Statement

The Fine Art Department of Veritas Academy seeks to educate students in a discipline-based approach wherein production, history, aesthetics & theory are paramount in order that through the mastery of the skills and knowledge of these disciplines, students may worship God and appreciate His creation more deeply, develop a lifelong passion for the fine arts, grow discernment and create artwork that would glorify our creative Lord.

Contact Information                
Morgan Johnson
Fine Arts Department Head