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Visual Arts

Veritas Academy offers visual art courses from 1st-12th grade. These courses grow our students in their artistic abilities and deepen their knoweldge and appreciation of visual arts. Working in a variety of media, and building off the Elements & Principles of Design, students create and showcase their works through the school year while exploring aesthetic questions such as “What is good art?," "Is all art created equal?," and "Where does our desire to create come from?”

From grades 1st-8th, students work in both 2-D and 3-D media. Once in the School of Rhetoric, students have the opportunity to specialize in visual art media offered in semester-long courses including: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics & Stained Glass, and Mixed Media. 

Our 6th-8th grade artists have the opportunity to compete in the On-Site Drawing competition through PSIA, while our 9th-12th grade artists have the opportunity to enter their artworks in many different categories (e.g., Monochromatic Drawing, Printmaking, and Sculptural Relief) through TAPPS District & State meets, at which our students have consistently medaled. Seniors graduating from Veritas Academy with honors in visual arts will showcase their work in a group exhibition, which will include their series of work and an artist statement.