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Lunch Orders

Fill your student’s stomach and support our SR lunch fundraisers! Ordering lunch does more than take an item off your to-do list and feed kiddos that seem to always be hungry! When you purchase lunches, you are also helping to support fundraisers for our SR students' class trips to Europe. Chick-fil-A is available on Wednesdays for Kindergarten-12th Grade students, and Double Dave's Pizza is available on Fridays for all Scholé and SL/R Students.

Purchasing Lunch
  • Lunches are available for PreK-12th Grade Students
  • Lunch Options: Chick-fil-A on Wednesdays and Double Dave's pizza on Fridays
  • Pizza is available on Fridays for Scholé students 
  • Orders are completed for a full month at a time
  • Check the current School Memo for this month's due date
  • All orders will be final and non-refundable
Lunch Order Form


Lizanne Hatfield